Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday May 3, 2021

by | May 2, 2021

Momentum is picking up out there despite seeing a ton of tweets talking about how slow it is - we've had more multi-day plays over the last few weeks than we have in the past OCGN VXRT BTX CLOV, etc.

We've been going over how to adapt - what I am AVOIDING and where I am FOCUSED which alone has provided many more trades and opportunities by 1. Not being there too early with blinders on and 2. Current setups that work in this environment

Swing trades worked well - just about everything last Sunday scan was incredible last week! Including BTX which I sold a touch too early eh?

Sell in May go away? Hell no! But be aware SUMMER is coming if you're focused you won't chase the comeback.

My goals coming into the summer are the SAME as I discussed a while back which are:

1. Stay firing on all cylinders
2. Keep risk in check
3. Lowest headaches
4. Proper balance
5. Get off screens when I can for the first summer in a while.


  • Scanz (1 Month): A Avesta
  • Charles Naccio: T-Shirt "Realizing that I’m starting to have trade plans that match your plans for the upcoming week is super encouraging. Thanks Nate!"


Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

VXRT talk about some major opportunity last week - as we knew/know - some catalyst this week. To me that means if you're wrong be wrong and don't fight things! Had a big trade 2 out of 3 days - had a pretty solid one on Friday too but ended up over staying vs. locking in fully so turned a decent win to about small loser while I was focused on OCGN. Key here is once trade went form green to red instead of "seeing what it does" just move on - next. If it's anything like the last few times they always move things like mad only to set up for a huge disappointment. I will not be as confident to trade the same size as I did this week given headlines possibly at any moment. For me, will be reactive trade after they hit.

CLOV higher better - great trades last week this was a picture perfect set up just like the VXRT OCGN set up -- hopefully we have another nice steady fade on CLOV (check XL RMO etc to get a feel for how these things act after the exhaustion moves).

OCGN killer set up there late day Friday - shorts have NOT been let out yet but doesn't mean there isn't opportunity the DIFFERENCE is be a trader while everyone else waits for it to break you have an opportunity. Watching for key levels and failed follow through momentum.

Failed Follow Through:

BTX I am NOT excited to trade this -- there is a TON more opportunities out there that will not suck your attention away from everything. Posted my BTX trade as you guys saw but -- quite honestly OGCN trade zero head ache 3 x as profitable but 3 x the blood pressure LOL. I will trade if opportunity presents but don't forget there is better opportunity sometimes the best trade is no trade on these.


PBLY pretty good come back - just know that e/r is May 12th. Be smart along the way been a nice doubler and then some from scan idea - actually $30/share.

RAIL so far so good - letting trade work - have discussed last few videos.

AHT held over night sold about 2/3s over $3 on Friday and kept the rest. I will be looking to fade this trend after we see a blow off move and failed follow through only.

MOTS big volume - set price alerts $1.50 if it starts to form a base Tues/Weds watch for leg up towards $2

RHE killer earlier idea earlier in week - back at it AHs was ramping again may have some fireworks on Monday but as usual ASSUME it does not and trade the price action. If you always trade for black swans you'll lose more often than not.

UXIN so far so good - killer one from last week - trimmed a bunch and riding rest.

CELC letting work ideally we have some $2-5 swipe soon through $30s

BTN same deal as last week - would love to scale if it starts to break out on next trend.

CREG trimmed around core but re added a few on dips - trading it a bit more actively since last time I held entirely too long and didn't make adjustments along the way. Pretty nice so far may not look like much on chart but sub $7s to nearly $10 not to shabby - been there since $6s as known.

APTO solid turn up - ideally trends into June.

HTZGQ steady trend so far from $2.1x's swing idea

AFMD put in a nice week last week on that swing idea.

Staying Familiar:

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