Video Scan: Stocks To Watch For May 28, 2024

by | May 27, 2024

Welcome back to another Video Scan. We had some good feedback on the format we’ve been trying, so we will continue to talk about what has been in play and then get into the main watches for the week ahead. Stan is back on the show this week to share his thoughts and watches. 

Make sure to check out the latest episode of Trading Takes if you haven’t already.

We also released a free scanner this week that you will definitely want to bookmark! (results will populate when the market is open)

Let’s get right into it.

Video Scan and Game Plan

Main Watches for the Week Ahead

LUCY traded nearly 1B volume, .8-1 key level from Friday.

FFIE has sub 1 potential. 

GME vs 21-22s for a bit bigger picture (AMC as potential sympathy there).

CADL higher better type for slow unwind towards 5.

CVNA watching 110s on a higher time frame if it proves as top to fade sub 100.

COIN is looking like it will reach over 250 in the coming week.

DELL on watch with the AI sector, showing strength after NVDA earnings.

META relative strength, filling the earnings gap.

PDD is the strongest of the China theme names.

NVDA had great earnings and is setting up for the next leg maybe to 1,200 within a week or two.

Charts in Play Last Week

GME solid fade from highs, had a gut check moment for shorts on Friday. 

RDDT unwound a bit with the memes, may have a trend change coming.

FFIE started the week with high volume but has been fading.

CRKN is similar to FFIE, large volume then fading.

MARA traded higher on Monday and then leveled out with BTC.

NVAX Building above the channel for now.

BABA retraced the majority of its recent gains and showed a bit of relative weakness.

PDD solid earnings and showing relative strength for China names. 

CTNT liquidation name.

SWIN liquidation name.

MTC liquidation name.

NVDA great earnings, even with the options unwinding a bit it showed strength which is a sign that there is substantial demand still there. 

INTU gap down on earnings from less free users of Turbo Tax services. 

SNOW earnings gap down, decent revenue guide but earnings weren’t standing out.

MMV announced it is to acquire Bowong AI.

MGOL running after earnings.

MGRX introduced new oral Semaglutide and Tirzepatide.

BNED Greenhaven is possibly looking to explore translation with the company.

ONMD announced a multifold expansion of its iRWD network.

PEGY has been in play since the CEO announced resignation last week.

ASTI lots of mentions on social media last week.

CADL had Phase 2 clinical trial data. 

LUCY traded over 500M volume on Friday.

BZFD Vivek Ramaswamy disclosed 7.7% stake.

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