Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday May 22, 2023

by | May 21, 2023

Traps after traps after traps.

Discussion for weeks on Sunday video has been watch your sizes on small caps – less is more. It adds up, bigger picture moves etc. Less size is also helpful when they do the random swipes, we saw a TON of clear out moves (RANDOM) last week that if you were letting the trade work that was it, profit was gone.

We are having major moves PLTR AI UPST etc – big names heavily liquid w/o the wild traps.

Video Topics

  • PLTR $10.30 Level (Short/Long – Comparison To Last Week Discussion)
  • MNK EOD squeeze (Traps)
  • MNK And XELA Comparison
  • Trading What You Want vs. See
  • Swipe Test

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Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

MVIS this is going to be a big one but it’s not about betting on failure and it ‘has’ to pull back – it’s about a highly probable trade. I say that because TIO was similar straight A+ opportunity but I wasn’t being greedy per say but I was looking for ‘more’ and ended up minimizing two back to back A+ opportunities because I was trading what I wanted and not what I saw.

CNSP big move AHs should be one of those that has a few back and forth moves and then ideally unwinds.

MNK nice squeeze out – looking for either weak open and shove that fails to fade or gap up parabolic and 945-10AM + type trade. Watch sizes.

AI been a great trader lately – reactive trades off open and then draw the lines it gives and behave. Been probably my most consistent trader lately. I will continue to trade it until I have a bad read or the volume/liquidity slows.

Failed Follow Through:

APLD morning shove for unwind – watch if unwind and r/g fail. I think shorts got super twisted with all the filing expecting one thing positioning for it and just getting it wrong. I believe last week was an unwind of a short position. The slow steady grind = longer than most think edge = blow out or gap down and fail on reversal attempt.

BVS morning shove and failed follow through vs. highs

LSDI killer one Friday – ideally some rebound and then fade back sub $1

FL ideally morning shove vs. Friday resistance and unwind

TIO just because I have it under failed follow through does not mean bearish – feels like they trapped huge last week. Ideally blow out post squeeze I am interested.

GSIT $6.20s big level from Friday – would watch $6.20-6.50 exhaustion zone and fade off is ideal.


OTLK nice break out chart forming

WKEY sold some at 4 AHs kept very small since most gappers haven’t had much follow through but nice one Friday. If it doesn’t go away next few days it’s thin enough to have liquidity trap.

JCSE buyer in tape as of late – have a small position on nothing crazy.

IMMP watch $2.75 level possible liquidity trap break out.

Staying Familiar:

NET AMD SNAP IONQ AFRM YMAB UPST CROX FLGT I like for price alerts, big charts and will watch for the day market decides to pull back.

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