Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday May 16, 2022

by | May 15, 2022

I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Everything we talked about came into play this week. I will keep on doing what's working. Current markets, the way I have adapted

Video Topics

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

VERU blew out the add add add shorts again - almost to the same tune as last time. Patience on this one Monday let everyone try to figure it out 945-10AM + I will start to focus in. I will go over a bit on the video - especially the discussion in the room (Mainly in lounge) about not shorting it and then identifying the seller we talked about waiting for that goalie pull and replace and ... of course the sit back.

CVNA been a real nice profit center last few days. Watching either for steady pressure or a fast flush off open and rally. A lot of this is market permitting. We have to take it day by day.

RBLX big range Friday - again trading vehicle. Hard to make a "call" until we see the market. Until the range settles on the market these are all dependent on overall action. I will use them as ways to spread out risk.

PTON was wayyyy strong on Friday - I shorted it but never got a scale spot. Tried it a few times but never got anywhere. This is a great example of why I don't like too much of a concentrated position - ie: "take over" talk - likely? Prob not but - what if? 945-10AM + Trend join type.

Failed Follow Through:

GME higher better and looking to fade any solid trend.

AMC higher better and same - don't lose off radar and cautious using the same size you could get away with this week -- next week.

SQQQ reactive trade with market - sadly didn't touch it Friday I should have went right to low $50s I wanted.

ELYM was a P&D watch all pops should fade back just like we saw on SKYH etc.


VRM looking at possible trend join if keeps building - have small so far. Nothing I love but want to see continued dips getting soaked.

BWV not leaving radar - been a really nice one and hopefully continues to provide as it has. Nice exits each time over $7 (also reminded each time not to over hold ie: liquidity trap plays = squeeze = exit). Have some still even though failed trend but have sold 3 x over $7 now each time reminded.

SNOA came back - same liquidity trap see if it firms up.

ARQQ watch dips I put on real small just to keep on watch but see if it firms up seemed like a buyer past 2 days in tape - want to see proof over next few days if it fails off - zero interest.

Staying Familiar:


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