Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For March 4, 2024

by | Mar 3, 2024

Hope everyone had a fantastic week last week! Was refreshing time off and my only trade was prior to starting the vacation on SOUN. First time for everything checking these boxes one by one in the 2024 goals column.

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who stepped up last week. Shoutout to Stan and Chris this week for doing Sunday Scan. Another shoutout to Chris for filling in for Sam this week on Trading Takes with Phil, which was awesome, as always.

Thanks Emil, Judah, Sam, Nick and the rest of the squad for making it seamless. First time in 20 years I’ve done that and was pumped to get text from the team about how well oiled the machine was. And special shoutout to Josh who has been helping me fulfill my goals 5 years overdue.

I listened Buy Your Time Back over the week – highly recommend for any other guys out there like me. You know, with no off switch.

It’s an interesting time right now in the market. I feel like post COVID that was true forth. The market was just filled with euphoria. I feel like this time around while we may be a “frothy” feel, to me it doesn’t feel like last time. I feel like the news cycle has just been so negative for so long but yet here we are, at highs. Surprising many.

One mistake I made in 2020-2021 which limited my outlier returns compared to some of my quick nine figure friends was just not realizing that things didn’t have to make sense. They didn’t make sense to ME. And, they don’t HAVE to make sense. That’s the secret. In times of volatility – just trade. Follow what’s working within reason with proper risk until it stops. Don’t ask questions. Don’t sit there and say “well they need money there is no reason for it to be up here!” etc. None of that matters until it does.

Last week my focus likely would have been SOUN and MARA

SMCI added to S&P = NVDA AMD etc all continue. You name it. The bull run continues. Be aware where we are and just know that there will be a shake out day so again, it all comes down to how you manage that risk THAT DAY but don’t fear that day.

I’ve been swinging a lot more stuff like CXAI etc just spreading it across the big picture ideas I give. IRA is back in action, and so are options. Finally.

Follow your ideas and respect risk. Period.

Video Topics

We have a special edition of Sunday Scan hosted by Chris and Stan this weekend.

This is a great opportunity to learn how other traders approach the market and what types of opportunities they look for.

  • Recapping CVNA’s Move Since Last Week
  • Where CVNA May be Going Next Week
  • AI Stock Moves
  • Crypto Stock Moves
  • Gamma Moves
  • All Day Faders

Giveaway Winners

  • @eljuanramon
  • @jlemur5922

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

ADIL nice liquidity trap playing out – looking to fade if 10AM + if it has trouble with holding over VWAP

JMIA macro move here – ideally 7.50-8-9 blow out and then sit back for profit taking. Just looking to trade that move along this bullish trend.

SOUN never know with SMCI NVDA could have some staying power but higher it goes better and then looking to fade the day it has trouble with VWAP

MARA reactive trade

Failed Follow Through:

MTC known liquidation trade – they just use this as a trading vehicle. Let it fail first and stay away from trappy action that could go either way.

DELL higher better for back side


ROOT – think about the trick we discussed on SMCI divide it out by 10. Does a stock crushing earnings running from $1 to $2 consolidating at $2.50 and pushing towards $3 + seem over valued? or too much? Or if it consolidates around $3.50 would you think $4-5 coming for a blow off? Sometimes prices throw our thoughts off and we get blinded. Don’t be afraid to miss the first move. The big move will come after the first shock when it flushes and comes back for $1-2 days before the real unwind. Don’t get in a fight and waste all your ammo on the front side. Sometimes the ones that look like the best set up really aren’t (YET).

KODK watch dips – just don’t short 55k shares below $25 and ride it to $60 like I did in 2020 🙂

CXAI have this one swinging since mid $1s just letting it work until it doesn’t

VTYX nice trend build

OECA nice trend build

Staying Familiar:

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