Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday March 15, 2021

by | Mar 14, 2021

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Video Topics

  • Checking off the boxes of 2021 goals
  • What's App - Account Management - NEVER!
  • T4AC Podcast
  • T4AC Newsletter
  • Buckle up !!
  • Consistency
  • Market "correction" over extension downside and now upside
  • Never underestimate "bear" market rally (Yes I know the definition of a bear market)
  • Stimulus coming - Get prepared. Like it or not it's coming to small caps and Bitcoin
  • Quadruple witching is Friday (Wild moves at close)
  • NFT's Gone Wild WTF! (Cody major props - he's always early but always gets the last laugh $70 to $45k etc.) How can we play? KODK FDMSF PONGF YVR OCG
  • Momentum (Volume trumps all)
  • Always focus on how volume is tracking if it starts to compound ie: 1m to 3m to 5m to 10m FASTER than it got there prior TAKE NOTE!
  • Sale (Early Access Link)


  • If you didn't learn on EYES
  • And you didn't learn on XELA
  • And you didn't learn on ENTX
  • Maybe you learned on NLSP?
  • See the trend here?
  • Same thing is happening over and over - definition?
  • Key in this market = MEAT & Move on
  • Volume = HUGE
  • Opportunity = HUGE
  • Try to get every last square inch of a move = MISTAKE
  • ENTX bailed out longs - were you rewarded for reckless behavior? MAKE A MENTAL NOTE
  • Market sentiment heavily promoted ie: TMBR etc. (SEEL just like it)

I don't really have any MAIN MAIN watches as in - THIS IS MY MAIN FOCUS and THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO like usual. We are in a wild market right now stimulus is coming and I think the most important part of the day is getting to desk early get a vibe for the day see how names react and 8:50AM broadcast to zone in on less than a handful of names.

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

VIAC like noted last time reminds me of JKS so far steady squeeze out. It's going to be a MAJOR trade - if you try to find top, try to over stay, try to be too patient you're going to get burnt and exhaust. Trade the trend but a nice trade is coming. Staying SUPER familiar.

DISCA just like it likely will trade hand and hand. If I miss one and the other hasn't faded yet I'd likely use the other as a guide.

NFT Names:

KODK as been sneakily getting stronger and stronger so far I like how it's been trading. Not too much yet not too little just right to really work out any size and possibly work in shorts. We'll see. I've been dip buying since noted in the room so I have a pretty good average and will let this work until it breaks trend.

OCG another listed name that is getting some bids with NFT - own the entire basket and will scale if it starts to really go.

YVR as well has connections to Atari and a few other things so if things start to get nuts in the NFT world well, people will be looking at sympathy names and where they can put their money to work.

FDMSF once again Cody with the early idea got me in in the .19-.20s and I gave him crap the other day since I was down a few cents (by the way I am always joking with him, I'm never serious about giving him crap) and then rest of the market found it. Insane call by him. Well done. Will ride it out given the padding is large at this point.

PONGF another early call by Cody and then the PR etc by Stapes solid - another good entry good padding letting it work until it doesn't.

Failed Follow Through:

High volume names w/ tiny float best to trade in silence.

NLSP likely 4AM action and fade off KEEP IN MIND these things are NUTS you do not want to step in front with size in this market. Be cautious. Wait for exhaustion. Everyone will be on toes after ENTX XELA type action that means sometimes it's better to avoid and play better things. Ideally $6-7-8 if we're lucky and fade off. Many times they open way high pre market and fade it into 7am for the trap.

ENTX this one punished sized shorts - nothing really you could do. Fortunately had a nice entry in the mid $9s with target into $7s and got there I'd be looking for the same thing.

SEEL just like TMBR ideally $5-5.20 push out and fade back.

RBLX $72 push and fade is ideal. $69 was a key level IPO day so may have some trouble if it can't base at $70s in which case I'd look for a fade back.

FLGT higher better fade potential

ALRM higher better fade potential.


CREG finally coming back - been a long term swing for me. If it ever had a PR this thing would go bananas. Just trying to let the good average work from way back.

PDSB $7 clearly key on daily - nice action last few days. Positioned for swing long.

RYB was a swing long idea from Thursday working well so far.

BGI so far so good even Meghan Markle wears them - been swinging as noted on the last 3-4 Sunday scans.

SYN nice idea pre market on Friday .72 on Maxim $2.50 PT - do I think it's going to $2.50? No, do I think it'll have momentum off that in this market? Of course. Sold some and letting rest work given the average. If it fails to follow through I'll bail.

OGI joined w/ sector when noted in room Thursday will look to sell rest (sold half Friday) and possibly flip the trade back to short side.

CYH possible set up on daily - scroll out.

SLGG right space given the interest right now - I was there in size I sold most they worked me out of the rest and have a small position I put back on I don't trust the move until $7 builds a base.

SIF watching dips vs $12 - nice set up may put on a feeler and join trend add if it proves right.

LIZI someone has been soaking in this tape, watch for possible squeeze out through $12 short term

PFMT big picture idea - watch for dips big picture idea - no position yet.

VNTR nice set up - no position watching if $4.50 breaks and $5 firms up

Current Trends:

AAL - Re opening trades

Steel Names: X CLF TMST

Retail Names: M JWN BBBY DKS KSS

Staying Familiar:


  1. 50:44 - key takeaway is to keep sectors on watch. With this opening back up, good to keep an eye on a whole sector that could benefit fron this.

  2. thank you Nathan !

  3. Had no idea you were a Meghan fan! 😉


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