Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For March 11, 2024

by | Mar 10, 2024

Market volatility has been so trader-friendly.

There’s no sense in spending time being wrong right now. Move on if things are not working – so much is.

Video Topics

  • Preparation is a must! All week main watches? SMCI = MSTR (not as good due to liquidity) = NVDA = COIN
  • Options and Roth IRA
  • What style is working for swings? PBM SELX HOVR
  • Demand > Supply – Does it need to make sense?
  • Liquidity now vs. 2020-2021 (Real vs. fabricated) LYT example (Pre walk down)
  • Daily tap I love but need proof = NKTG vs. BREA (What does it look like when works vs. fail?) NKTX CDIO – MNPR NBSE NKTG?
  • RIVN HOD reject Friday example similar thesis NVDA COIN etc.

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Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

COIN higher BTC goes the better – options on this one Friday 5X’d pretty quick from entry given. Ideally keeps melting up with MARA RIOT MSTR etc and sets up as A+++

NVDA any good gaps and I think it flushes out few more days and gets absorbed into the catalyst March 17th+ look at SMCI wicks but ideally big gap down flush and then $50 rally back up

RIVN reactive trade – been really nice opp last few days – looking for the same. Reverse engineer that clear out move.

Failed Follow Through:

AIMD higher morning shove is ideal and possible gap fill. If this hovers around $2 just be cautious as it could squeeze up

PBM higher better for gap fill – amazing swing last week.

OCEA add to the do not forget list – and watch any failed follow through


MNPR big picture idea

NBSE $1 trigger confirm

MIRA swinging vs. same risk as Friday on entry.

MNMD transitional day ideally $10-12 blow out.

AISP dips vs $6 liquidity trap potential

Staying Familiar:


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