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by | Jun 26, 2022

Market is back, small caps are back, unwinds are back, multi-day moves are back ... absolutely massive way to end the week last week Thursday and Friday.

Thursday and Friday were the first times in two weeks I've said A+ opportunities pre-market and off open and they surely didn't disappoint.

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We've been getting some really sweet small cap runners BHAT with a huge intraday move zoning in on it letting all the shorts exhaust out walking through the trade in the Trader's Lounge $3.20 trigger after the $3.40 hidden seller showed up we identified.

Same deal with TBLT as we went over in the room - same scenario as BHAT. Let all the add add add shorts who have no real plan on the name get burnt and squeezed out and THEN zone in, focus, scale etc.

Another example of seeing the turn come in before getting too aggressive

Video Topics

  • Go Time vs. Hands Off (Then And Now)
  • The Flush Trap (BHAT and TBLT)
  • V Shaped Recovery (China) - Early Week Blues
  • SECTOR Moves

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  • V8freaks
  • Dovahkiin
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  • Kim Alanis

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

RBLX clean mover on Friday great fade before recovering. We're at some key spots on the daily nice break out through the $35 resistance I like all big gaps and squeezes for action like we had this week LI NIO RBLX etc. Same concept. EXPECT the V shape recovery. If it stays heavy I re scale in.

LI saved by the V every day -- but as long as you're not a hero it's been pretty damn amazing. Reactive trades have been fantastic and then waiting for it to get heavy and roll over with a goal to downsize/adjust prior to any swipes back. This kinda volume, range and opportunity is amazing. I will continue to stay proactive until VWAP stays heavy and we have the $3-4/share fade day. Keep in mind if I look for an unwind that does not mean I am BEARISH it means I am just looking to take advantage of the intraday action and NOT fight trend if it stays firm.

XPEV starting to go para mode w/ the rest. Same thoughts as LI.

NIO I always like to spread risk across names rather than most size on one - so this would be same as LI and XPEV.

Failed Follow Through

BHAT kept some short over - big gift last few days especially the morning gap on Friday. Hopefully more like this next week. Likely has another day or two to unwind.

PLTR monitoring with market - parabolic or under VWAP if it has trouble there.

TBLT held some over covered about 80% of it. Just like BHAT - fine to start early to zone get a good read and as you saw when it's time it's time and they show their hand. Most just aren't patient and want to find the top and add add add. Sit on hands if that's you! Wait for levels to confirm.

JCSE huge unwinder Friday - started to get it's promotion but likely still early in game based off the volume early on and reminded me of VEDU where they just trap shorts push them back use their cover for exit and do it again. Remember to pay attention to volume like we talk about TOP BLTE etc ... go back check UTME IPO it took months. Let everyone waste money trying and look alive when it's time and volume actually confirms.

BOXD higher better - glad to see it come back. Likely crowded but I don't think it goes too far. I think it'll just keep chopping the folks trying to find top out and once they take off radar -- unwind.


IDAI watching weakness if trends firm up

BNTC someone was soaking size last week on all the circuit down attempts in a big way. Relatively weak close BUT if this holds trend after Tues/Weds take note - we could have an outlier move. Yes it closed weak, yes it can just fade off but when I see accumulation like I did fist half of the day on Friday I don't forget and if it holds trend after it gives me high conviction. That said - I did not see the action last half of day as I was off desk.

MREO dips got soaked again - worthwhile watch if keeps getting absorbed.

Staying Familiar

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