Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday June 21, 2021

by | Jun 20, 2021

An amazingly beautiful weekend in the North East - clear sky and warm weather!

Remember why we do this stuff - so easy to get sidetracked by social media in more way than one. PnL's flashy crap and feel that you haven't done enough, well, up to par etc but at the end of the day all that matters is you creating your best life. Accomplishing what you want to accomplish etc.

Happy Father's today to all the Dad's out there.

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  • Cohen INTERVIEW !!
  • Always Look Left: ALNC GERN

"Hold into the catalyst they said" 50% drop from warning. Great example of chalking up a loss, fear, down side to someone else vs. understanding the reality of the situation.

UTME Warning RCON TIRX YGMZ - Monitoring the situation - let the room know very early. Sure, I nailed the sure but sometimes it's about knowing what BOUNCE trade to avoid!

Twitter Q&A

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

GERN pretty nice opportunity on Friday - I left early otherwise really nice set up to review looking left on without the need to find the top. Going to look for weak open and rally back or gap up re-test $2 + with risk based off Friday highs.

VXX if market doesn't completely fall apart this should offer a nice fade when volatility settles.

NIO may not look like much but really nice opportunity on Friday. Twice. Great nail in room off open and later on. Key here is focus on prior support/resistance. More discussion on Monday once we get more clarity LI XPEV secondary watches there.

Failed Follow Through:

TRCH was long a good truck load at $5s but it did a good job working me out and second guessing myself all good. I think we could have a REALLY nice opportunity this week after it blows out a few more shorts either Monday or Tuesday. Higher better watch the volume and trend. If the volume continues to build IMO lots of shorts are stuck from the filed ATM as noted in the room -- if it stopped making lows I think shorts got a bit too aggressive the day after they filed.

AHT higher better and more fade $5 is a huge level if we break it -- could flush mid $4s and come back quickly. This has been a really nice on on scan every single day.

X killer trend joins on Friday - great trades in the room and more unwinds later on in the day. Ideally we get more heaviness followed by a deep flush for the rebound. Any good gap up that fails to follow through I'd look to fade.

CLF same as above.


WISH so far it's had relative strength. Been adding around core and selling rips - great set up Friday before the break out.

LKCO no position but trend firming up watching dips vs $2.20.

APM dips (idea from few weeks ago given the daily set up we went over) slowly getting there.

HOL no position watching for this to firm up $11.50s + vs. $11s for big picture idea.

Staying Familiar:

The following are names I want to be familiar with and price alerts I will set - waiting for names to break out of trend and/or set up with a high probability trade.

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  1. 40 million share purchase $NIO a/h’s Friday $1.9 billion


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