Video Scan: Stocks To Watch For June 17, 2024

by | Jun 16, 2024

Welcome back to another Sunday Scan.

Hopefully, you all had a relaxing weekend.

T4AC early tickets went on sale for Project Impact members on Friday. On Tuesday, June 18th, at noon, the sale for early bird and regular tickets opens for everyone. It should be a great event this year as always! The dates for T4AC are October 11-13th in Vegas. 

As a reminder, this week is a holiday week, with the market being closed on Wednesday for Juneteenth.

Let’s take a look at some stocks that were in play this past week before diving into the scan for next week. Remember to check out the video for more details!

Video Scan and Game Plan

The Playback

ORCL gap up from earnings and positive forward guidance.

AAPL ramped up after showcasing the latest Apple AI innovations.

NVDA has performed well post-split.

SMCI had short-term bullish option flow and strength this past week possibly due to the market expecting a split, or it was expecting it to be added to the Nasdaq 100 which didn’t happen.

TSLA wide range after Elon’s pay package was approved but ended up closing around the same area it’s been treading water at recently.

AVGO gap up after positive earnings and split announcement.

MARA Some weakness with crypto recently.

IREN smaller crypto name with some positive investment bank coverage.

PDD holding up somewhat despite China having another pullback as its economy remains troubled.

BABA relative weakness with China pulling back.

AFRM had a deal with Apple, but won’t be financially impacted this year from it. 

ZAPP intraday liquidity trap variation with multiple halts making it difficult to cover into flushes.

KAVL went higher despite a recent offering.

LGVN holding higher lows with the trend in place.

Main Watches

Make sure to check out the videos for full breakdowns of the setups we are watching.

ISPC big picture chart building with Bird Flu theme.

VRAX is another Bird Flu name building.

AEMD Bird Flu names building.

GME on watch for chart build over 30 or news.

PLTR breaking out of long consolidation.

NNE recent IPO name building.

ZAPP liquidity trap potential Monday/Tuesday.

ARM has had a strong run-up to the prior highs, looking for consolidation and break out with calls/equity.

TSLA on watch for a 10-point move coming in either direction following recent pay approval news for Elon.

DJT weakness after filing allows some insiders to sell.

SMCI either unwinds from the Thursday ramp or continues higher for a possible split in the near future.

ADBE nice gap after earnings; looking for consolidation and direction after for puts/calls.

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