Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday June 14, 2021

by | Jun 13, 2021

Another week in the books they are going by faster and faster!

Flag day tomorrow!

Video Notes

  • Great opportunities this week back side
  • Letting things exhaust is crucial
  • Thin front side
  • Reversing the trade
  • Two Main Focus Names
  • NOVN Discussion (Intraday)
  • UPST Discussion (Daily)

Twitter Questions

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

NOVN great volume typically I'd be looking for a gap squeeze out again and some failed follow through but I'd love to see this re-test Friday intraday lows ramp up fail and Tuesday or Wednesday have a nice T+2 move when everyone is least expecting it. Sure they diluted into this move I'm sure but this was positive and what took it down from $35s

SENS big trade coming. NOTHING to step in front - think like VXRT on Friday may put a feeler on and then scale in when it's time. FDA decision soon so keep that in mind -- if we do get a huge flush opportunity I am taking it and leaving the trade. This is nothing I want to just stay short expecting more if we get a parabolic move followed by a flush. Move in, move out, move on.

VXRT major opportunity on Friday felt like I traded that pretty well - tiny feeler trade and zoned in and got the perfect scale trade when noted. I'd love to see $9.20s + re-test or higher on follow through. If we get a gap, shove, and fails perfect if it bases 11AM + I won't fight trend.

Failed Follow Through:

SAVA pretty amazing move on Friday - missed the good short but going to keep an eye on $80 + re-test and fail

GRAY ideally $6-6.20 + blow off and then failed follow through for unwind. Nice trade on Friday.

PGEN higher better $7.80s + and failed follow through is ideal.

GBS pops vs $4.50s


MLLLF swing idea from this week from mid $9s in the room - should be changing to GAME this week and up list. Being patient with the trade.

PROG sold some AHs on the swing from earlier in the week - minimal left.

CREX starter entry if we start getting upside or vol I'd be scaling into winner.

WKHS held some over watch dips if it firms up this one has a ton of shorts.

MEDS lower better - may be a liquidity trap forming watch dips vs. Friday lows and possible squeezer on Tuesday would be ideal.

TLIS big picture idea from this week - working well.

Meme Index:

Lots of opportunity last week - ideally more this week. Staying familiar.

Staying Familiar:

These are names I put price alerts in and check the charts each night to see if they are setting up and/or if I missed/see a move forming.


  1. Happy Birthday! Nate

  2. Explaining how and where STOPS get taken out for a fake out just be patient.... Great Explanation Nate!! 23:30

  3. Thank you for this great content and picks!

  4. Thanks for explaining the wicks

  5. Nate KTRA has a swing setup what you likes


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