Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday June 13, 2022

by | Jun 12, 2022

Market was surely in the dumper but that didn't stop the runners. We had one of the biggest small cap moves lately AERC and I got a lot of questions as to why I didn't have it on scan and why wasn't I focused on it so much.

Much like I preach - AVOID WHAT YOU SUCK AT. Own it. I do. If I trade it I trade it small or way after everyone gives up post exhaustion.

If you go back 3-4 years ago and think about every headache I've had as a trader it's always these outlier moves are always to blame.

My confidence and conviction is not as high but it requires 95% + of my attention - is that a smart trade?

So typically if I borrow any - I borrow small to make sure I don't get into trouble or if I get a decent borrow I avoid sizing front side all together just in case I need to go for a ride.

Anyone who read scan last week was prepared for IMTE - so I hope you guys crushed it was one of the best trades I've had in a while.

RDBX big time swing trade idea - also with the options posted all went near or over 1000%

PBTS long idea vs .35s went to $1.60s - insanity.

Why do we set price alerts? AGRI ... NGRV VERU SIGA VTNR etc.

Video Topics

  • Goals Last Week - Good!
  • If Not Day 1 Maybe Day 2, 3 or 4.
  • Avoiding What You Suck At
  • Volume Trumps All
  • Low Floaters Worth Your Time?
  • COGT Exhaustion Move & Unwind - Recording Screen
  • How You Take Something (Most Take "Told You So" vs. Absorb)
  • JAN Looking Left
  • Most Obvious Shorts = Avoid

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Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

COGT in an ideal world we get $8-8.50 shove and fade off again but highly unlikely. What an amazing opportunity Friday. Higher better for opportunity.

RDBX watching a weak open and possible circuits. I no longer have a position but what a trade it was! Hope you all got a good piece just had a feeling that shorts were caught and sure enough we got the doubler on the equity and 1000%'s on options. I don't care about shorting it yet until things cool down and emotions settle.

BLUE nice move AHs - should offer a big opportunity post exhaustion Monday. No heavy bias one way or another I think it really depends if they trap pre market and get a big opportunity to squeeze it through the day or if it just opens "too big" and fades throughout the day. Not going in with a bias - this one requires seeing the action pre market.

OXY been amazing last few days - got it the first crack day but missed it the following days. Overall USO helps get an idea of what to expect but has been a good trader with the market.

AMC 945-10AM + trend join been a great profit center lately. I want days with trend away from VWAP with trend not anticipating which way it'll go one way or the other.

Failed Follow Through:

NVAX sell the news in full effect. Higher better for back side.

MRNA thinking at some point we see full unwind here back sub $100s - nice trader last week. Not going to force that thesis but will be setting price alerts at each key level looking left.

BIMI higher better for back side.

IMTE ideally $3 + rip and fade again - offered a nice opportunity to fade on Friday.

ALT tried this on Friday actually came back to entry 2-3 x but kept looking for more so grinded me out - didn't give a chance to scale since I had left desk but ideally $9 + squeeze out and fade.

DOCU reactive trade higher better and ideally $58-60


IMPP biggy from scan last week - looking for dips to trade again like I said last week feels SNDL ish. Doesn't mean it HAS to work just has the markings so I want to have an open mind.

BLTE I won't long this but monitoring to see how this reacts once it meets some volume/sellers.

TOP I won't long this but watching them walk this thing higher on air - waiting to see how it reacts with exchange/volume.

CYRN possible liquidity trap

HNRG dips for break out is ideal.

AUST dips getting absorbed lately - if they have a PR it's the type that can go 30-50% and then round trip back.

MOBIQ interesting save. Watch dips if this holds $1.20 next few weeks.

Staying Familiar:


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