Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Tuesday July 6, 2021

by | Jul 5, 2021

Hope everyone had a great long weekend !!

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Scan Topics

  • Swing scan last week INSANITY - MRIN AUUD DARE MOXC VTNR etc.
  • Avidity Fitness - DM Zach just try it
  • T4AC VEGAS! October 15-17th - Info coming soon
  • Firing all cylinders
  • When has a trade played out? ZME (low float trash)
  • Times to trade for me
  • XELA ATM set tone for week
  • MEDS look left (long to short)
  • NIO $55 parabolic - straight off scan coming prepared.
  • BLIN key levels in room A+
  • WISH unwinds

Twitter Q&A

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

BLIN tiny market cap still hopefully keeps squeezing out hit $10s + AHs should offer a few nice trades. I'd be trading this like MRIN though last week, lower better and trappy look for a long otherwise higher better squeeze out and react on any exhaustion moves.

NIO watching any good flushes off open and potential rally back - has a catalyst incoming in this week. Last time had flushed out and reversed with a strong bid.

SPCE at this point it's sufficiently bagged with longs any gap up higher better looking to fade it still think this could fill $38-40 gap. They'll be raising a billion soon so may be stuck in a holding pattern until then. I could see it pricing $35 if closes $38-40 or if it firms up mid $40s this week perhaps $40 pricing. We'll see. Looking to trade reactively off open or 945-10AM + trend join and that's about it.

Failed Follow Through:

STAF higher better in AM $5.30-5.50 + then fade back sub $4.50-4.00.

SQBG amazing opportunity on Friday got short towards the highs - had a dabble or two first and then scaled in once I saw the exchange of shares like we talk about all the time on scans. Likely gaps down but higher better and back side.

TATT higher better off open and failed follow through. Ideally $8.70-9s shove and fade off - key is once people forget about it post emotion.

SWBI nice opportunity Thursday even better on Friday but didn't touch it that day. Thinking 1-2 more trades of pops getting sold off before it goes sideways for a bit.


MOXC same plan as last week - working well so far. Had sized into the trade week before last and as noted in room sized out of all of that but kept the core. Mid week after it consolidated for a few days at $18s + I figured we could be in for possible squeeze out $30-40s or something wild.

AUUD nothing to chase but as noted Friday felt like it shoulda died a few times I wouldn't be surprised if they caught shorts here and we head back $9s fast and possible take on 52 week highs this week mini-ALF style.

ALEC ideally dips vs $32 -- weak open consolidate and ramp r/g

MRIN 992 million shares traded last week lol - on a 9 million float. Yeah moves nuts but lets look at the facts here - every short wants a dip. They can keep playing with shorts as long as they want. Lower better trap and I'd love to see this actually turn into a circuit breaker blow out KODK style. We'll see. I'm not ultra bulled up but I am definitely interested in joining trend like I did last week until it stops working or there is some major exhaustion move which we haven't seen yet.

CLSD joined the trend last week on dip.

JAKK worth an eye vs $11s

NSYS super low floater 2 milly o/s float is even smaller very easily could turn into something wild. Watching if dips firm up next few days.

CREX watching dips again vs. $2.10s

FWP same trade plan as last week - nothing to chase but I'll be there on dips for the catalyst discussed.

Staying Familiar:


  1. Look out for HOOD to come alive soon

  2. Nice scan again,keep up the good work buddy,looks like the market is NOY going anywhere until labor day where we should see a very nice pullback .

  3. Whats the call this week on xela stock?

  4. Great Video. Learned more about support and resistance. Trying to get better at reading charts.


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