Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday July 26, 2021

by | Jul 25, 2021

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Video Topics

  • Traders4ACause
  • How about FWP from $7?
  • CEMI going for raise - fails -> ATM (SPCE) - Scripted
  • IGC - Starters (selective reading)
  • Cautious of social media P&D
  • Price Alerts
  • SNTG Warning and Shorr $40

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

NAOV big alert by TradeHawk in the .7x's beautiful intraday triple - feel like it caught shorts off guard let them win into close followed by illiquid swipe up and squeeze AHs. Shorts likely stuck and as I'll explain on the video they can walk it down without letting them out which is one of two scenarios I will be prepared for if we don't get a power gap. Ideally $2.50-2.70 walk down trap and go -- or power gap $4-5 parabolic and unwind.

NRXP nice launch at the close - no rush here for short side let it play out let it confirm failed follow through and looking to fade pops vs. highs. So far this has squeeze written all over it given how it trapped all day and power into close BUT it's good to remember not everything in a NURO and most will ultimately fail more often than pull a black swan - so keep that in mind.

Failed Follow Through:

SCKT beautiful trade plan on broadcast I didn't try to find top joined after the stuff on Friday and took a piece - wasn't my main trade but still clean. Higher better off open I think most won't be watching can be like CEMI IGC next few days off all rebounds.

IGC higher better and more fade - keep in mind this week will be busy for this sector SAVA etc. lots of catalyst and conferences etc - so this can bounce around but looking for ultimate fail.

CEMI disaster - nice trade plan in the room couldn't have worked out much better (kept for over night short made it to high $3s but continued the unwind). I think this could have 10% relief rally followed by more fades - just look at how SPCE reacted. This was in my opinion fully set up w/ company and funds to pull off what they did.

SPCE steady unwind - supply always wins. Watch all pops vs. VWAP 945-10AM +

IPA higher better possible quiet fader after move back up $9-10 fail ideally.

CCL NCLH higher better 945-10AM possible fader.


FWP insane swing from $7s - as I remind every time adjust risk along the way. Like I spelled out in June the catalyst

AACG have a feeling the first move was the set up funds positioned to do whatever they wanted to do for this next move. I am re positioned for the trade. Would look to add dips as long as over all trend stays firm. Check back prior move and see what it's done before.

NSYS tiny vol but as noted a few scans ago I am there ONLY on dips no chases (that was in the 9s).

MOXC again much like rest of swings you saw me repeating lock lock lock since many failures on $31 - very fortunate to have locked a good chunk in and bunch more when those offers showed up again that I pointed out. I re bought a few into panic but if it doesn't firm up next few days - forget it. Someone blew out that's for sure.

Staying Familiar:


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