Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday July 19, 2021

by | Jul 18, 2021

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

SPCE higher better all gaps $30.50-31 + I feel like we can still see downward pressure. I'd love to see a capitulation trade (gap down and flush out for the real reversal day). Don't underestimate how far it can fade with pressure but also once it does do the reversal just like last time - it can snap back faster than you think.

TQQQ looking to trade the big moves only - let the trade set up 945-10AM + trend join. Looking for very similar to what I traded on Friday.

AMC should continue to have some wild action. Continued downward AHs - I'd be cautious getting aggressive with this one as I think after the next two days it'll start to tighten up with range. 50% drop off recent levels there are many on the wrong side now. Watch w/ the market if market continues to fail we can really unwind here. Personally I hope it keeps having large bounces off the downturns b/c it pops all the other names too.

Failed Follow Through:

XELA going to continue to trade each failed follow through set up it's been fantastic in the room each time noted. Higher better and let them exhaust out early morning shorts once everyone gives up I'll be there. Easily can fade back like MMAT (TRCH) sub 2s near term.

NIO feels very crowded on long side still thinking $38-40 near term higher better and back side trend join is ideal. Again all of this changes if the market decides to rip back.

CLDX higher better possible gap fill to $35 range and then rally already below pricing.

BTU I'd love to see $9 + shove and then fade back near term sub $8 - chart support at $7 and $8 to note.

X / CLF possible chart unwind trades like NCLH CCL charts.

CCL / NCLH staying familiar for capitulation day (gap down flush and rally)

YVR big pump last week - higher better off open and then looking to fade it back once everyone stops talking about it.


FWP spelled this swing trade out in the $7s - so far it's held well. Light trader but the volume has been picking up. Looks just like UONE before the $20 + move so I'd love to see some real volume come in and firm up for the big break out into the September catalyst. Again - big move from the original idea always smart to adjust risk along the way!

MOXC been a nice double just about from swing idea - looking for $31 as the trigger for any big squeeze - again as noted past few days $31 is key so always good to adjust risk along way you don't want to ride a stock all the way up and back down without adjusting - think about GAME and PLBY if no sells at all etc.

APT starter position so far - feel like someone has been absorbing.

SNMP starter for me - dips vs $1.30 if it hangs on to trend.

NEGG thinking gap $2-3 and shove $2-3 more possible $38-40 test and then either trap and go to $50 again or just fade off.

Staying Familiar:

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