Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For January 29, 2024

by | Jan 28, 2024

Finally feeling a bit better.

I’m getting active again after getting COVID, then the Flu + strep double whammy. Yeah, that wasn’t fun. Usually, nothing really bothers me, and I rarely let anything slow me down, but last weekend, my body just said NO.

That was the first Sunday scan video I have missed since starting. Thanks to Emil for taking over and adding some color. We have been considering with the idea of bringing others on Sunday video, I think that could be fun.

I hope everyone has checked out the Trading Takes Podcast – feedback has been amazing. Nothing scripted, straight discussion of recent action, ideas, and topics. Make sure to check out the latest episode. There are opportunities to win IU access and other prizes each week.

Over the last few Sunday videos, I’ve been talking about the names that I really want to zone into, the ones that I will focus on most in 2024. The first and most obvious was the BTC setup we went over. It went straight up into the ETF approval, which became a “sell the news” event.

We discussed MARA RIOT CLSK being my focus names, but obviously, there are many other names that can be traded alongside the same thesis. Smaller names like ANY BITF, BTDR, etc., all were secondary watches for someone who may be more interested in a ‘cheaper’ name. For me, I want the best liquidity and lowest risk.

We had three other more macro opportunities:

  1. Pretty clear SMCI NVDA AMD which is still in motion and setting up better every day
  2. We had the Trump trade DWAC PHUN and a few others that ran into the Tuesday NH voting
  3. The one I focused on was the SAVE and RUM trade which gave a major high probability set up mid week last week where I zoned in and focused vs. $8.50s ideal exhaustion and RUM almost like a sympathy off the news.

It’s interesting how well Davey can throw himself in the middle of headlines and make it count. SAVE, with the major squeeze, likely fueled what we saw on RUM. Had he not been in the headlines for a week AND had SAVE not squeezed the way it did, I’m not sure even a quarter of as many people would have cared about the RUM news.

Either way – great opportunities.

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Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

CRBP super thin compared to what you may think for the price range. I think caught many by surprise — when you go in with a small position and end up down $5-7 bucks on air. Ideally $1-2 weak open possibly even tag SSR then r/g circuit back up $30-35 + otherwise looking for gap up blow off and then slow fade back. Yes, I said two things. Yes, I’d be “right” either way — that’s not the point. Point is what would make you take it long? What would make you take it short? Have a plan – react accordingly or avoid if it doesn’t set up.

RUM ideally gap and then looking for fade back sub $5.50s

Failed Follow Through:

RVSN nice compounding liquidity trap one after another — ideally $10 blow out and unwind

ACON higher better for back side – ideally a gap fill.

PCSA slowly boringly likely fades back to where they came from — doesn’t matter what the pricing was they created the liquidity more than likely hedged and then got the job done.


VSME potential liquidity trap

PYXS nice idea on Friday watch dips for more break out – reason for the idea Friday was the wicks we’ve gone over a million times

ELEV dips for $3 break out

RTC possible circuits $10 + watch all dips but nothing to marry as it can end just like RR etc. They run ’em up to dump them. This one was a liquidity trap twice and now shorts don’t really have liquidity to exit.

ABNB possible break out move

Staying Familiar:


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