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by | Dec 25, 2023

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday or long weekend !!

Absolutely insane timing on the video last week !!

Literally, the very next day, ZJYL happened, and we had a full-on 20-minute conversation about the likelihood of the very next play not only being crowded but taking 10x your money. The stock literally halted straight up and 10x’d easily but literally 10-40x’d off the low.


Trading that is a choice, and as soon as you trade those types, you are signing on the dotted like that. Yeah, sure, it’s UNLIKELY most times, but there IS a chance, and if you trade it, don’t be upset if it happens. And as I went over after CHSN the likelihood is EVEN higher. I don’t know anyone who got caught up badly on it, which makes me really happy, but obviously, someone did.

So, I want to talk about that a bit. A serious conversation.

The stuff that will piss everyone off.

The cold, hard truth.

If you do the same thing over and over and expect different results…

Traders literally spend all day on social talking about how the edge has eroded, trades are crowded, and yet take the same damn trade over and over again and act surprised.

I think it was about eight years ago when my close broker buddy said to me, “Nate, you’re doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Do you know what doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is?

I was like, this MF’er just called me INSANE. But it was eye-opening. He was right. Whether I liked it or not.

So here we are 2023 comes to an end – time to face that question.

On top of that, ZJYL happening literally 15 hours after the video discussing the writing being on the wall on these.

I cannot think of a faster way to put your ENTIRE career and livelihood on the line than trying to nail the next 80% tank play (which is now averaging 87%).

Next week, I’ll dig into some more of my goals, but after 2020-2021+, etc. As I said, it was important for me to take a pivot year to work on re-balancing my lifestyle, as I’ve been going hard since 18 years old, literally nonstop, and there really isn’t a reason to anymore.

I wanted to explore other opportunities besides just being a career trader 24/7. I dabbled into some longer-term private investments and real estate, but as usual, that dabble turned into all-in. Did three HUGE projects last year while juggling everything else. As I’ve said numerous times I think it actually was one of the BEST decisions I’ve made because this was not a year to press in small caps AT ALL and I think that along with not trading the front side of moves this past year and a half saved me a lot.

It also allowed me to help pivot what we offer at IU over the last few years. As you’ve seen, IU just gets better and better every week, the team, the traders, and what most have never even really seen yet: the TECHNOLOGY. Top notch. I am very excited about where things have been heading.

2024, for me, will be less trading and less pushing buttons. I still love/enjoy sharing content, but I’m going to start living a lot more. I just want to show up for the A-quality names and not try to find trades every day. At the end of the day, our goal is freedom, and sitting at the desk all day is not freedom. A goal will be to only trade small caps after 500-1000% runs and really just focus on setups like we have coming on MARA RIOT CLSK CVNA AFRM, etc.

Video Topics

  • Well Timed Warning ZJYL
  • Risk Your Entire Trading Career?
  • Insanity Discussion
  • JYD Discussion
  • 2023 vs. 2024

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

MARA monster range here, great opp a few times on Friday and came in REAL nice before the close. REMEMBER you can’t get all bearish if BTC doesn’t agree. This is a SECTOR TRADE – there is a big difference.

RIOT same as above.

CLSK same as above, always feels heavier than the rest.

Failed Follow Through:

JYD – PTSD indications Friday and prime example of the DIFFERENCE between a name like CHSD and the one I went over and one without much history.

MULN nice one for singles Friday. Likely some PR pump soon but after that looking to fade. Be cautious though, lots of shorts last few days since it was a no brainer but when everyone jumps at same time and it works that well if they are swinging it and there is a PR + new shorts + holds off open could have secondary shove that I’d want to be risk off on until we get a proper set up

GMBL higher better for unwind – nice trader on Friday!

CVNA watching all gaps/pops for failed follow through

SHOT launch happened, shorts covered, volume dying watching for the day it just falls outta bed to join it.


VRCA watch weak opens for r/g

OSA liq trap potential

ALT let it break out ideally $10-12 + para to trade next. They faded it into $7.70-7.80s so many times if longs were going to sell they would have sold – only sellers left are shorts IMO.

Staying Familiar:

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