Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday December 21, 2020

by | Dec 20, 2020

The year of the trader 2020!

I hope everyone's December has been amazing so far!

Video Topics:

  • 1,000 Likes = Pre Market Broadcast 8:50AM This Week
  • T-Shirt Time
  • Key Takeaway
  • The Most Obvious Trade Not Always Right
  • ^ BUT Can Still Be Made
  • Compounding Gains vs. Taking
  • Why You Need To Be On A GAME Always
  • Take Gains vs. Let Work
  • Post Exhaustion For The Win!

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

CURO wild ranger and a ton of near circuit halt action on Friday - incredible. I am interested $17.50-18 + or fails under $15 otherwise I think it's best to leave it alone likely will just be low volume chop. 945-10AM + trend join interest me.

FEYE absolutely incredible blow out move I would expect this to have a weak open and consolidate possibly rally back from there if it were to FAIL on that rally I'd be interested in fading it as well as any good gap $20 + and para off open. Otherwise in my eyes shorts got run over again and expect the unexpected.

PLUG really beautiful opportunity late day got a good piece left a good piece but higher better and back side is goal. No rush here. Just will look for the big share trade intraday and move on.

Failed Follow Through:

MARA and RIOT I have under failed follow through because that's what I am going to wait for. Higher better and with bitcoin even higher this weekend heck we could keep going. Last time I underestimated just how powerful the bitcoin buyers were as well - if you think about the $$ being made in bitcoin if some take some $$ and put in the US stocks these thing scan just keep going. So far they're trading in tune with it - so it's not fair to say they've run too far ... yet. Great opportunities last few days but will be waiting for bitcoin to agree with thesis for for these names to DISCONNECT from trend.

RIOT same as above.

RDFN higher better - stalking this like mad and I don't think the big unwind day will come until we actually have a few fades traps and a squeeze out. So, just a general reminder not to get too aggressive front side. But should be a massive one.

VUZI nice trade EOD on Friday ideally more gap up and watching failed follow through. The volume was massive - this can still squeeze out a bit more before possibly raising some $$ soon.

TLRY higher better and unwind. Nice plans so far.

APHA same as above - great plans off the deal so far. Working well.


PRTH kept meaning to get long I will vs. $5.50s on dips. Could be like that NTZ we talked about a few Sunday scans ago before it doubled.

MREO volume is huge here - watch for $3.40-3.50 base and if it starts to look like a push on $4-4.50 + I'd probably be interested.

KXIN possible gap and push on $6 before settling back off.

CLNE dips vs $5-5.20s goal interest me.

UAVS solid swing idea early in week reminded me of MVIS and figured $4-6 was possible. Sold most on the break out and flipped short - covered the flush and re accumulated some for the swing as planned. This has one of those cult share holder bases so be aware.

ANTE nothing to chase for me but it's been a dip accumulation idea given chart.

MSN same as above.

PUBM started in Wednesday move and sitting on that, added a few. Lower better and hopefully consolidate $25 range for a bit then move along. So far $28 clear top a few times. For me this will be way long term kinda idea to let work.

Staying Familiar:

Price alerts on following: QS AI ABNB DASH SGMO ATXI RMG WISH

I posted a few notes / updates below but for me it's just about seeing these names and staying familiar with them. When I set price alerts I'm already familiar with what they look like and can react that much faster.

TPGY lower better but goal is to accumulate dips.

PROG big idea last Sunday scan - have since sold the majority - small swing on.

CLRB $2.40-2.50 still trigger

BEEM compared this idea at $28-30 to XPEV etc.

EVLO looks like a buyer in name at $9


  1. I liked the idea of how you are experimenting with playing the long and shorts of one trade to maximize your gains before you move on.

  2. As always .. awesome info. Was looking fwd to your thoughts on tsla though.

  3. hey, I'm up to day with the intermediate lessons, going to continue following you but im going to start with some other free lessons that seem reputable. I didn't look at your scan last week but i'm learning a lot from seeing your scans and seeing what happened in retrospective.

    I'm far from having enough money to day trade b/c of the pattern dt rule. I'm sad you might not produce another video this week, because you didn't reach the 1000 likes goal. people who saw your video and followed your advice should have been able to make some good money this week. keep up the good work, looking forward to more of these and the next lesson. When i reach the 10k+ i hope to join you an IU! right now joining into one of the offers would take all my capital away.


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