Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For August 28, 2023

by | Aug 27, 2023

Had an absolutely incredible weekend!

Lance and Ed ended up back at the beach and we had a legitimate fireside chat and a hell of a conversation. Some of my best takeaways this weekend were literally unrelated to trading. Admirable how much Lance has figured out, but, it didn’t come with big conversations, big decisions, and realignment of priorities. I am an open book every Sunday, so as you’ve seen I’ve shared my journey along the way and will continue to do so because who knows who else may be in the same shoes. It’s easy to get ‘stuck’ in this business. You need to remember why you started. There are windows for greatness and the market will always be there. The window of opportunity with your kids won’t always be there and you don’t get a second shot. This may not matter for some, doesn’t mean it’s right one way or another it just depends on what YOU want. I think it’s important to ask that question.

Had a great time at the Clover event! Saw many traders I know and a ton of new folks I’ve never seen – which is awesome.

Great group of guys! Dom, Huddie, Kyle, and Jack put on a great event. There are a lot of people out there who just focus on the next sale as their primary focus but I hope as you’ve seen “competitor” or not, I just like to make sure people have good information.

We’re all competitors against the market, those who compete against each other with services are just silly. It’s always best to unite and help each other find better ways. You can learn a lot from the young bucks, all you need is one takeaway per speaker that you may not have really thought of before and it can change an aspect of your trading or life just by showing up.

I learn something every time.

Traders4ACause regional event was top-notch. I was so impressed with the caliber of people that showed up. I know Traders4ACause Vegas can get expensive fast but these regional events are cheap to attend AND you get to really see the quality of people that show up. The good part about coming to the regional events is you may have never really heard of us or dismissed it due to the cost to get out to Vegas but guess what? We always have Project Impact – which as an annual pledge member (donation) you’ll be able to stream the live event in Las Vegas!

I ended up changing my presentation up the night before the event to focus on some things that I wish I had learned early on and then got into my favorite trade setups.

I am definitely hurting for steps though, I need to catch up today!

Video Topics:

  • Fireside
  • Clover
  • T4AC Event – Hugo did it again!
  • Project Impact
  • Presentation

Questions sent in:

“So many nuggets in this video, but for the first time I’m hearing about limiting the “Window of Opportunity” as part of the trading plan as well. This is so often overlooked, and as a newbie, it has helped tremendously with expectations. Even bridging that fine line between cutting losses quickly and letting the winners run.”

“A possible topic for Sunday videos: I would really like to get into young Nate’s head when he first started. His dreams and goals, aspirations, struggles and frustrations and how his perspective and goals have slowly changed over the years.”

“My size has been working against me every time! Less size more time is definitely where it’s at”

“Questions requested: Could you show how your screens are organized, charts, montage, scans, alerts, etc. And tips on how your on top of everything. I swear your a robot! You notice broken levels, swipes, front load, wash trades, etc in seconds of it happening. That is huge edge.”

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

AFRM either a weak open $17.50-17.80 base for $18-18.50 + or $18-18.50 + gap blow out and unwind (prepared for both ways)

AMC flush like Friday and rally would be ideal. Like we went over on Friday just be aware if red/green rejects – don’t over stay. Same concept same thoughts as shorts hammer it into an anticipated offering.

ACHR higher better for back side

Failed Follow Through:

CANO .32-.38 blow out is ideal and unwind from there

GLG walk up beginning? CLEU style? We’ll see – either dips for break out continuation or some sorta gap huge vol hits and unwind

YS ideally blow out vs. looking left levels and unwind. If it holds $1.20 + Tues/Weds be aware/cautious possible T+2 long.

DLO ideally $20 + blow out and unwind


MCOM held over for likely PR since he copies everything MULN and GNS do. Will be looking to sell into any good ramp .10 + or if trend fails. Got long on the tweet Friday.

CHSN watch dips for r/g and break out

MREO possible big picture move vs. 1.50s

Staying Familiar:


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