Free Scan: Stocks To Watch For Monday August 23, 2021

by | Aug 22, 2021

Hope everyone had a great weekend !!

As usual if you like and share your key takeaway on the YouTube video in the comment section each week I give out free stuff (zero catch) just for participating to random listeners!

This week is Icon Meals - this is who I use every single day to stay consistent with diet. Todd is a listener of Sunday video scans and has helped many within the IU community regain some consistent eating skills. Curious to try? Free shipping with code: IUFREESHIP as well.

As usual I have trouble picking just one so I'll throw in another shirt winner this week as well.

Giveaway Winners

  • Brennan Anderson - Icon Meals (if within US if not we'll do something else)
  • Julian Bailot - TShirt

In the next weeks we'll be giving away: MomoTraders Book, Scanz, IU Month and T-Shirts as always.

This week Tim Grittani has 4 tickets for those interested in attending the sold out Traders4ACause event in Vegas this year:

So, Friday I took the day off - had the annual Building Dreams For Marines golf tournament BUT we did have the layup set up on GOVX that I wrote my plan out the prior night so when it came into the wheelhouse I put it on and let it work while I was golfing.

For those that watch last night's video scan - you saw the PMCB idea with a goal for T+2 squeeze on Wednesday and sure enough, stock tripled 🙂

SONN gave warning all Thursday that I believed we'd see the next PMCB style raise and to be cautious holding it over night - sure enough nice -50% move after raising capital. Layup trade made for a nice start Friday!

SNOA good unwind - absolutely loving the current market because stocks that normally would just sorta pop and drop are being heavily pushed/pumped on Twitter giving a much cleaner unwind after the big volume exchange comes in and fails to get the secondary squeeze going. Big warnings there - spot on for levels. Great discussion live during the day in Trader's Lounge for those recording.

Video Topics

  • CHANGE YOUR MINDSET - What can one small change of focus do for your bottom line?
  • Feedback from understanding how you feel pre market.
  • China names.

Twitter Questions

Video Scan and Game Plan

Stocks to Watch

FLGC I'd love to see some sorta gap up and shove towards $13.50-14s and then watch for failed follow through action. The volume is pretty damn heavy so what normally may be a one and done may hold a bit longer than we think so I'd almost prepare for this the same way I prepared for BTBT - when everyone else forgets about it - don't forget! You saw how well that worked on BTBT.

TQQQ goes on perma watch in this market along with VXX UVXY and a few other market related names until once again range tightens up. Petty impressive staying power so far in this market volatility - once again.

GOVX higher better - kept some short over night as well given the average but would LOVE to see this thing gap up and give it a go for 15-20 minutes before fading off again. Also - always look left (reminder).

PFE killer trade last week in the room - nice timing on sizing in. Going in without bias other than looking to join a 945-10AM + trend join.

Failed Follow Through:

ALF really nice work on Thursday - clean move catalyst turns no catalyst scale into winner and let work. Looking for morning shove and will quietly use Friday highs as guide on risk.

DLPN pretty hard reject on Friday looking at pops for the steady fizzles ub $10 back to $9s short term.


SENS $3.50 break out range if it has some outlier volume. No position no bias but just feels like a trade could be close and I should be watching it.

PXLW watch dips if $4.20s base out and start to head $4.50-5 +

KXIN sticking w/ same game plan - started in when noted and positioning vs $3s mental stop loss level (not hard stop) would scale if it builds over $3.70-3.80s in the short term. As noted that high vol day plays a role in my interest and after that I want to be PROVEN trend is right by upside confirmation vs. just add add add and end up with too many too high.

DATS been trading this one as noted on I think Tuesday or Wednesday just felt like someone was in there soaking dips at their own pace wasn't in at the time but - positioned in based on price action slowly as it interested me Had a great break out trimmed a few in $5s some in $6s probably too soon but all good, will let rest work and see what happens. Good feel in the tape earlier in week.

CLEU always a crap name but has been having a lot of accumulation lately - may have a nice break out over if this continues to hold up. Bought dips earlier in week as noted and also as reminded in room I would NOT chase break out.

Staying Familiar:


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