A Front Row Seat to 24 Epic Trading Desks

by | Oct 14, 2015

Stock traders spend a good portion of their days behind a trading desk, so it’s only right that they have some solid setups. A lot of day traders have a different approach to their setups, just like a lot of them utilize different trading strategies. In chat, you get to read the insights of many great traders, but you rarely get to take a look at where they are trading from. It’s cool to see other trading desks for inspiration and motivation. If only there were a Top Gear: Trading Desk Edition, or better yet Pimp My Trading Desk. Unfortunately, there is not, so this is the next best thing!

Check out these trading desks from some of the traders that are well known in our community.

Trading Desk Setups

Nathan Michaud (@InvestorsLive) Trading Desk Setup

Nate’s setup has evolved over the years as he adds new monitors and repositions them accordingly.

Investors Live Trading Desk

UPDATE (6/27/16): Nate’s new trading desk

Nathan Michaud Trading Desk


Phil (@ozarktrades) Trading Desk Setup



UPDATE (11/21/17): Phil’s new trading desk

Sandro (@splendores) Trading Desk Setup


Mark Messier (@biorunup) Trading Desk Setup

This may be one of the neater trading desk setups on the list.


Derrick Leon (@derrickjleon) Trading Desk Setup



Cameron Fous (@fousalerts) Trading Desk Setup


Cam (@IU_Chat) Trading Desk Setup




Sang Lucci (@sanglucci) Trading Desk Setup



Eric Wood (@elkwood66) Trading Desk Setup


UPDATE (6/27/16): Eric’s new setup

Eric's Trading Desk

Gregg Sciabica (@lx21) Trading Desk Setup


Maribeth (@mb_willoughby) Trading Desk Setup


Michele (@offshorehunters) Trading Desk Setup


UPDATE (10/20/17): Michele’s new trading desk

Michele Trading Desk

Synapze’s Trading Desk Setup


Tyler (@IU_Tyler) Trading Desk Setup



Veritas (@VeritasGreen) Trading Desk Setup




George (@swedepilot) Trading Desk Setup


Emil (@cuzmane) Trading Desk Setup


Tim Bohen (@tbohen) Trading Desk Setup


Dan Shapiro (@danshep55) Trading Desk Setup


@Jokon888’s Trading Desk Setup


@Jamielissette Trading Desk Setup


BONUS: Shane (@shaneblackmon) Trading Desk Setup


Bonus #2: @ECNC1’s Trading Desk Setup


Bonus #3: @BullzoneTrader’s Trading Desk Setup


Bonus #4: @MonacoTrader’s Trading Desk Setup


Bonus #5: @ForrestTuten’s Trading Desk Setup


What Does Your Trading Desk Look Like?

We’re hoping to post more trading desk setups in the near future. What does your setup look like? Feel free to post it in the comments and you may be featured in the next post!


  1. Nice !! Bao’s set up is intense !

  2. Here is mine. I post it to show that my desktop can take a maximum of 4 screens and that my laptop is actually linked to my desktop via a program called «Mouse Without Borders». It’s free from Microsoft. Once linked (takes about 2 minutes to do), I can use my mouse plugged into my laptop and its keyboard to control my desktop computer as well. So my cursor can go from one computer to the other on every screen only using my laptop.There is a limit of 4 computers to be use with the program.This works with windows only though. With different OS there’s other paying options like «Synergy» and «Shared Mouse».

    • Thanks for the heads up on mouse without boarders! I knew such a thing existed, but didn’t know about this one… and free!

      • Yeah it’s good stuff 🙂

  3. I’ll get in touch with Jeremy Clarkson and Xibit about a pilot episode. 😉

  4. Dek @tryst

  5. Great seeing the desks sets up really interesting thank you Investors underground

  6. First step. I need to buy another 3 screens;)

  7. Need more monitors…

  8. My setup

  9. Here’s my setup! I love the desk/bookshelf combo that my father-in-law made for me 🙂

  10. my setup.., couldn’t resist on posting it.

    • that 4 monitors are shining , what is it ?

      • Asus, From Digital Tigers… 1080p only 27 inch…

  11. This is my temporary setup, I’m looking into something in the future along the lines of six 27 inch screens.

  12. surprised to see so few standing desks, sitting is a killer!

    • Why is it a killer pls reply.

      Many thanks

  13. This is my trading rig. Alot of people ask about the background, they are actually sugar cane tiles along with Philips Hue smart lights, 2 vertical monitors and a 27″ iMac (28 GB RAM) running Apple Boot Camp & Windows for Das Trader Pro.

    • Nice setup! I have the exact same rig except I don’t like the apple mouse. Coming from the creative industry I have an iMac but will be making the transition back to WindowsPC this year.

  14. My set up, sit/stand desk, 3 Dell Ultra wide 29″ Monitors, and then the portable setup below

  15. This is My setup. Proud to say I built it myself

  16. This is the setup for Anmol Singh @DeltaNinety

  17. Planing my new computer. Planning to put 2 cards of “Nvidia GeForce GTX750 TI 2GB-5 GIGABYTE” to access 8 screens. Does anyone have an experience with it ?
    any other recommendations ?

    • Shalom,
      Do you trade US/Euro markets from israel..? or do you trade on the exchanges there?

  18. My set up, sit/stand desk

    • Nice setup. Where did you get the standup desk from?

  19. 4×27″, 1×24″, 2×19″, 32″ 4 surveillance ,55″ in the living room for couch study. i7-3930K overclocked to 4.3 Ghz.

    • Unable to claim 4 points for the giveaway ):

  20. My favorite set up is offshorehunter!! Prob cuz I’m a TOS man for now

  21. some of these guys need to buy blue blockers or they will be blind in a few decades

  22. sandro’s got my vote for best location!

  23. Yeah, very motivating. Kool stuff, the era of the new Age trader is upon us.
    But seriously will two Screens (25″, landscape, side-by-side on eye level) limit my trading capacity?? I would like to stay within three monitors utmost in the interest of a quality(green) work environment. I Like Cam’s and Eric’s setups (though I suspect both have upgraded to six screens by now) coupled with Nate’s Geekdesk. My money there.
    Thank you.

  24. I recently got a Mac mini 2018 for home system i7 with 32 gb of ram. I’ve been considering adding an egpu for better performance for daytrading.
    I have 2 34” LG ultrawide curved monitors that I’d like it to power.
    I use Etrade pro and thinkorswim plus additional programs, slack tweetdeck and chrome. Wondering if the Macmini can handle without a epgu?

  25. Beach side trade setup took the win! A nice plant next to the window was a nice touch.

  26. Really nice to see the different setups.
    Thank you

  27. Hey there Nate I am just am just amazed at the volume of information on these screens and the abilities that must be acquired to simply absorb and make judgements from this. I have a very simple setup, just one screen, I can squeeze 2 to 3 charts, and my span of control is limited to just 3 to 4 trades. I am able to sustain this comfortably for 2 to 3 hours, beyond that I need a break, like to stand up relax and allow the trade to come to me, standing really helps me to step back and regather myself.

    My focus is in the planning and preparation, have a heard of at least 20 symbols that I scan and then cull to around 3 to 4. A real contrast to the way your mob operates. It must take amazing abilities and time to allow you to gather and maintain the span of control that some of these setups have,

    Cheers thanks for the time and lessons your team have put into Investors Under Underground. Stay safe be well have a happy day. Pete

    • Sandro and Cam have the unbeatable ocean view going but I like Tim’s gym too

  28. Anyone have some info about the best way to set-up multiple monitors? I’m asking about the software aspect, not the hardware. Windows 10 environment please. do people rely on their trading platform or is there a feature in Widows 10 that is utilized, or is it better to get a 3rd party multi-screen platform?


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