On watch 04/13/18 from Emil


Have a look over this new IU Taxback sales

Check out this if you are new to the game Top 10 questions new day traders ask


YTEN RKDA - gonna have an eye on them in case they will have a weak open and hold the trend for a long , definitely they need some volume to kick in

NETE - watching a morning ramp into 8.5 for a short and more unwind

GERN - depends how is going to move in the morning not biased at all, ideally higher the better but in order to be a decent short need a push at least through 4.5 so in case is going to build above 4 I'm not excluding the long idea

DPW - going to watch 1.35 area in case will be pierced and is going to build above or not if it does a push towards 2 would be welcomed

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