Cody (@OddStockTrader)

Cody (Oddstocktrader) Has been a full time day trader since early 2015 and has actively been a trader in the markets since 2010. He has trading nearly everything offered in the markets, stocks, options, futures, forex, penny stocks, you name it he has traded it. Since those first years of trading he learned his lessons blowing up several account until finally gaining traction in early 2013 when he found that his niche was finding momentum before hit happens on the long side. Cody actively trades many securities on a daily basis with a 90/10 long/short strategy. Cody has been the “New Members” Moderator here at IU since Late 2015.

Trading Style

  • Short Trades 10%
  • Long Trades 90%
  • Nasdaqs 60%
  • OTCs 40%
  • Day Trading 90%
  • Swing Trading 10%

Main Brokers

SpeedTrader PRO, ETRADE, & Vanguard



DAS Trader


Favorite Setup

ABCD Long & Panic Buys

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OddStockTrader Scan 3/22/2018

Sweet Sweet day today and some nice setups I wanted to share going into tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing great. USRM - Very positive PR today and volume showed it. Thinking gap and run tomorrow. EVEP - Sick early find sub .15 for me today and nice sells. Didnt keep...

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OddStockTrader Scan 3/13/2018

After the first 3 hour went by and I didn't take a single trade today I decided to just scan the market the entire day. This is what I will be watching the rest of the week. TRVG - BKNG just flying lately. Thinking this one over 9 would get some nice ramp sympathy....

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OddStockTrader Scan 3/6/2018

List for Tomorrow: VJET - Totally a possible sympathy play off the DDD move. Ideally 4 Breakout and ramp DDD - Scooping any morning weakness...been swinging this one since low 9's a while back and its just now starting a nice uptrend into 2018 CBIS - Like the chart...

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/26/2018

Doing a little bit of a different watchlist today. I spend the entire weekend trying to find some of the close breakout theme ideas and I will quickly explain my though process for each sector and why It should be watched and then you can do some research on the...

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/22/2018

Just a few things I am taking a look at for tomorrow. Friday will be a half day for me....SPRING TRAINING opening day! SAIL - Earnings winner so far will depend on market action but like dips near $18 for swing. ROKU - Crushed on Earnings...looking to hammer pops...

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/13/2018

DON'T FORGET TO GET YOUR LADY SOMETHING FOR V-DAY Anyways, pretty slow day today, but here is what we got for tomorrow. BTCS -Total depends on BTC move overnight but could finally get another relief move into mid .10xs BTSC - Same Idea as above but this is the bigger...

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/11/2018

What's up guys, Been a while. Ran through about 2000 OTC's today and wanted to just send of the lists of my favorites for next week. Hope everyone has a good rest of the weekend and a great Monday! ISOL - Looking to take a position on this monday. The Friday action is...

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/7/2018

Well SVXY and XIV sucked out some good gains over the last two weeks on me. Just goes to show you, DO NOT TOUCH something trading if you do not full understand why it is making the move that it is, ESPECIALLY ETF's. Anyways, just a quick list for you guys tonight....

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OddStockTrader Scan 1/23/2017

Quick Simple for you tonight. (per your request Josh) MJX - Sick on the Vermont news, would expect $40 gap and $41.50 push MDRPF - Took overnight, and loved the vol and trend, expect gap open and ramp near $1 TBPMF - Killer vol and close, thinking gap here as well and...

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OddStockTrader Scan 11/28/2017

Whoa...whoa...ran out of BP today..rarely if ever happens to me...Just planning on holding just about everything I have for swing trades with this impressive day 1 on weed stocks and here they are.. No real gameplan other than swinging them. CYBER MONDAY DEALS...

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