Cody (@OddStockTrader)

Cody (Oddstocktrader) Has been a full time day trader since early 2015 and has actively been a trader in the markets since 2010. He has trading nearly everything offered in the markets, stocks, options, futures, forex, penny stocks, you name it he has traded it. Since those first years of trading he learned his lessons blowing up several account until finally gaining traction in early 2013 when he found that his niche was finding momentum before hit happens on the long side. Cody actively trades many securities on a daily basis with a 90/10 long/short strategy. Cody has been the “New Members” Moderator here at IU since Late 2015.

Trading Style

  • Short Trades 10% 10%
  • Long Trades 90% 90%
  • Nasdaqs 60% 60%
  • OTCs 40% 40%
  • Day Trading 90% 90%
  • Swing Trading 10% 10%

Main Brokers

SpeedTrader PRO, ETRADE, & Vanguard



DAS Trader


Favorite Setup

ABCD Long & Panic Buys

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/20/20

Fire or Ice? I am usually one or the other lol. Decent lil day today but really not zoned in like I was even just a week ago. Not sure if it's just a ton of stuff on the mind or what but need to get back in the right mindset, whatever that takes. Either way, I am in...

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/19/2020

Just didn't really "have" it today. Didn't feel very focused but that happens. Should be a wild day tomorrow as the market again shrugged off for the most part the AAPL warning and more Coronavirus headlines. If you have any questions about joining IU or questions in...

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/18/2020

Hope everyone had a great long weekend. I took the day Friday to just go get some stuff done and it felt kind of great to get that extra day. I think my mind needed it and felt mental exhaustion. Feel really ready to go tomorrow and looks like most of the goodies are...

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/13/2020

Started down decent today on some options bets but CAN...wowza and right out the gate. Had several price alerts and had been watching it all week due to Bitcoins recent move. Just wish I took more on that price alert going off. I had been trying it each day with no...

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/12/2020

Going to be a strange list purely because crypto is ramping. Just HOPE it holds up into tomorrow of this is going to be a list of worthless names lol. However it will be what is filling my screen. TSLA - 50/50 still but want to be there for whichever way it decides to...

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/11/2020

Big big big move on S after hours just as I started doing scan. Wild wild market out there and hope you are enjoying the Monday scans as well! Crazy times we are in as everything is just nonstop ramping. It will be interesting to see what happens in March after FED...

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/10/2020

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Crypto starting to get some legs after a steady walk up for the entire first part of the year. Tells me overall market is happy to take more risk at the moment, which is strange with the Coronavirus out there. Either way, going...

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/7/2020

Got a bit sloppy mid day but what a heater this am. So many trades and all worked great. The $400 BA call buyer made that one a little obvious today so that was nice. Lots to watch again tomorrow. Going to just keep pressing until this market slows down because let's...

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/6/2020

It was a back and forth sort of day for me overall but got a nice trade off on TSLA this am but gave it back during the washout mid day. Happens but still satisfied with the day overall. Here is what I have for tomorrow. TSLA - Will more than likely be an observer...

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OddStockTrader Scan 2/5/2020

Wild wild day. Stay focused and watching sizings out there. Not much else to say other than trade smart and try to not let TSLA suck your attention all day long because there are other amazing trades out there. TSLA - Monster trade into the close and I botched it. I...

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