Cody (@OddStockTrader)

Cody (Oddstocktrader) Has been a full time day trader since early 2015 and has actively been a trader in the markets since 2010. He has trading nearly everything offered in the markets, stocks, options, futures, forex, penny stocks, you name it he has traded it. Since those first years of trading he learned his lessons blowing up several account until finally gaining traction in early 2013 when he found that his niche was finding momentum before hit happens on the long side. Cody actively trades many securities on a daily basis with a 90/10 long/short strategy. Cody has been the “New Members” Moderator here at IU since Late 2015.

Trading Style

  • Short Trades 10% 10%
  • Long Trades 90% 90%
  • Nasdaqs 60% 60%
  • OTCs 40% 40%
  • Day Trading 90% 90%
  • Swing Trading 10% 10%

Main Brokers

SpeedTrader PRO, ETRADE, & Vanguard



DAS Trader


Favorite Setup

ABCD Long & Panic Buys

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OddStockTrader Scan 7/25/2022

Oh Hi! It's been a while and with good reason, I guess lol. Anyways, been gone and then have been dealing with a nearly two months long neck issue that has kept me from really focusing at all on the markets. I reviewed my performance on the year today and well, let's...

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OddStockTrader FREE SUNDAY SCAN 4/11/2022

Just posting some charts that I have my eyes on. Market is going to be very interesting this year with a firm rising rate environment and the FED selling Billions in bonds each month. I think we probably see some repricing of many names esp dividend stocks lower to...

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OddStockTrader Scan 3/25/2022

Been a while but with the house vote on marijuana I figured why not give you guys the full list of all the tickers. Should be some wild moves and probably a sell the news event. If it does pass though, which I think the market voted it will today. News flows should be...

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OddStockTrader Scan 11/9/2021

Great day and man things moved clean today. Mondays usually do that for some reason. Crypto moves wild as well lately! Anyways here is my watches for tomorrow. UEC - Ideally morning panic. (which it likes to do) scoop for futher move intraday. Chart getting into that...

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OddStockTrader Scan 11/3/2021

Honestly, exhausted from fitness plan so just going to keep it short and sweet. Wild action today and hope it continues. CMPS -  Nonstop move off $30s break. Starting to bleed into the other names. Will trade the trend but have a feeling at good $4-5 short in there...

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OddStockTrader Scan 11/2/2021

Quick list tonight. Keeping Uranium names on watch (UUUU UEC) but here is the list. Busy night so right into it. VUZI - Big move and I botched the day trade. Sold early but with this as the purest FB metaverse play probably a gap and parabolic tomorrow. VRAR - Trading...

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OddStockTrader Scan 10/28/2021

Short day for me tomorrow and a short list tonight. Really not a ton that peaks my interest but will keep my eyes on AR/VR names ahead of the FB Metaverse announcement. Here is the short list. IRNT - Reactive trade tomorrow ideally, weak open around $14s and a long...

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OddStockTrader Scan 10/27/2021

36 Now and boy did today feel like it added a year to my age. Yesterday was full of runners and great all day moves and today was the same except sooo many things just faded hard back to red on the day.  Worth noting and keeping an eye out for. Managing your positions...

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OddStockTrader Scan 10/25/2021

Probably no scan tomorrow night (Birthday dinner outing) but it does feel great to do some serious scanning tonight. Setting price alerts is my bread an butter, why? I think if you spend the time to set those alerts and the go off, it takes out the thinking aspect as...

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OddStockTrader Scan 10/22/2021

Getting back into the swing of things and just keeping size at medium level. I see so many rips and straight fades, this is the type of action that gets me in trouble big time. So, best for me to wait on when those ramps have follow throughs. There have been a few out...

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