Cody (@OddStockTrader)

Cody (Oddstocktrader) Has been a full time day trader since early 2015 and has actively been a trader in the markets since 2010. He has trading nearly everything offered in the markets, stocks, options, futures, forex, penny stocks, you name it he has traded it. Since those first years of trading he learned his lessons blowing up several account until finally gaining traction in early 2013 when he found that his niche was finding momentum before hit happens on the long side. Cody actively trades many securities on a daily basis with a 90/10 long/short strategy. Cody has been the “New Members” Moderator here at IU since Late 2015.

Trading Style

  • Short Trades 10%
  • Long Trades 90%
  • Nasdaqs 60%
  • OTCs 40%
  • Day Trading 90%
  • Swing Trading 10%

Main Brokers

SpeedTrader PRO, ETRADE, & Vanguard



DAS Trader


Favorite Setup

ABCD Long & Panic Buys

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OddStockTrader Scan 11/21/2017

Nice Day. on to tomorrow...BIG LIST RIOT - BIG WIN here today for me, was early yesterday but was totally fine being red coming into today knowing BTC was ramping...added and held worked great..overnight for gap or buying heavy any morning weakness DEPENDING ON BTC...

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OddStock Scan 11/15/2017

Just watching the US weeds tomorrow. BUDZ - 1.50 test hopefully for the swing entry KSHB - took some overnight..Thinking 2.50 breakout OWCP - Strange ramp into the close..keeping an eye out. HEMP - Just worth an eye CBIS - taking some out the gate and basing off .03...

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OddStockTrader Scan 11/13/2017

Hope everyone had a good weekend, going to keep the list small and focused. OSTK - Provided this doesnt gap down massively due to Bitcoin getting smoked...will be looking to lean on all pops short. BUDZ - Sweet weed chart and some good NY weed news out tonight...going...

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OddStockTrader Scan 11/6/2017

Will be headed out early for a brief 2 day vacation in vegas, was a random trip, but we wanted to go a while back but dog got sick. Anyways Shippers and weed DCIX - Doubt this move is over and plan on buying into any major weakness. TOPS - Same idea as above. ESEA -...

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OddStockTrader Scan 11/3/2017

Quick and simple tonight DCIX - Split today, so fully expiecting to watch this for any crazy ramps IO - ramp with possible short into any morning parabolic ARLZ - Weak open r/g FCEL - Want to size into this long with 2.25 as support...

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OddStockTrader 11/1/2017

November already, where did the year go??? Well Just going to see what the market gives us tomorrow but here are some of my main watches. (kind of an oddball scan tonight) HMNY - Eventually will have a nice bounce day and hopefully tomorrow....took a few overnight but...

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OddStockTrader Scan 10/31/2017

Boo! Halloween Scan So with the 9.9% stake in TWMJF (WEED in canada) and the Bloomberg article out on it, along with 2018 nearing, along with many weed perking into the close, along with this giant run on sentence. I am going to be watching all the weed stocks again....

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OddStocktrader Scan 10/25/2017

Green day, small but green. On to tomorrow.... I will be doing something pretty interesting starting Monday, should be something fun and want to share it with everyone....stay Youtube tuned....anyways. LRTTF - Main watcher,  will be looking for squeeze out style...

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OddStockTrader Scan 10/24/2017

Here's the Scan PRELF - Perfect one today with the swing I have on it, looking to load more on dips near .65s BLKCF - As well nice gap and ramp, still holding some overnight, and would love a nice close over 2.60s tomorrow to continue. UVXY - Once in 90 times this one...

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