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Video Scan: Stocks To Watch For July 22, 2024

Video Scan: Stocks To Watch For July 22, 2024

Hey everyone, welcome back to another Sunday Scan. We will recap what has been happening in the markets, and then later on, Stan will be joining us for the main watches for the upcoming week. The markets have been wildly active, and IU has been on fire with all kinds...

The Mentor To $100 Million Traders | Pradeep Bonde (Stockbee)

The Mentor to $100 Million Traders | Pradeep Bonde (Stockbee) Topics Discussed Pradeep’s background and career How Pradeep approaches the market Episodic pivots and momentum bursts Trade categorization Position sizing Entry and exit strategies Muscle memory in trading Compounding...

Video Scan: Stocks To Watch For July 15, 2024

Video Scan: Stocks To Watch For July 15, 2024

Absolutely insane turn of events this weekend. As you know, I don't discuss politics on Twitter or in the chat room, but I will say this - let's focus on unity. We get so caught up in bickering and BS online that we forget about what really matters. I hope we can use...

Video Scan: Themes, Setups, And Concepts For 2024

Video Scan: Themes, Setups, and Concepts for 2024

Welcome back to another Sunday Scan. We have a slightly different format today, with Chris out of town for a wedding.  We are going to discuss a few timeless trading concepts, a few trade setups that are working, and a few key themes and trends for 2024. This week’s...

He Made $1.65 Million In One Trade – Moist Mango

He Made $1.65 Million in One Trade – Moist Mango

 Video Topics 10,000% profit in 1 hour on crypto 3 ways that big trades happen Analyzing his $1.6 Million NVDA trade Trading in a different time zone Navigating drawdowns and blowups Adapting to market environments Relationship to Money...

College To Hedge Fund To Full-Time Trading – Josh Cherniack

College to Hedge Fund to Full-Time Trading – Josh Cherniack Topics Discussed Early Exposure to finance and trading Emotional challenges in trading Trading Style Lessons from working at a hedge fund How trading is like a Rubik's cube Extraordinary opportunities of GameStop (GME)...

Video Scan: 11 Stocks To Watch For Day Traders And Swing Traders

Video Scan: 11 Stocks to Watch for Day Traders and Swing Traders

Welcome back to another Sunday Scan. We hope you all had a good holiday and weekend.  We're back to the normal format, with a review of stocks in play and then the main watches for the week ahead. Judah is joining this week to discuss a great trade on KOSS, which we...

8 Common Trading Struggles + How To Deal With Them

8 Common Trading Struggles + How to Deal With Them Topics Discussed Dealing with feeling overwhelmed by trading Dealing with negative thoughts and cynicism Why we break our trading rules Dealing with FOMO Dealing with setbacks and losses Repeating bad behaviors Finding a...

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