Week in Review: September 07-10, 2021

by | Sep 10, 2021

It looks like everyone that took the summer off is back. Volume on some of these names is just crazy. It also looks like the WSB folks are back and we can't be more thankful.


SRPT Key Levels

Over the last few years Nate has become really good at spotting key levels and sharing them in chat. Knowing what levels need to hold for a run up makes trade planning a lot easier.




All week there were a lot of late day runs. Nate waited for it to put in a new high after the dip to start in long.



CEI News + Shorts

This was a nice team work play of posting the news and then sharing that shorts are involved in the name made it a great long trade.



ATER Indicator

Have I ever mentioned that shorts being buried is my favorite long indicator?

Have a great weekend.



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