Week in Review: October 19-23, 2020

by | Oct 23, 2020

I was out of town last week so I didn't post a blog but we are back in action this week. With all the stimulus talk the markets were all over the place so this definitely wasn't a set it and forget it type of week. I have done a few different sales for people who read this blog and wanted to do one for people that just want to dip their toes in without spending too much. Hit this link https://investorsunderground.com/s/2RoXX and it will get you a quarterly IU membership for $597. After you checkout, shoot me an email and I will add the Textbook trading course as a bonus. [email protected]


KXIN Volume

When you see volume start to pour in on a name it is usually something you should pay attention to. Not even the various newsletters volume could put a dent in where it was headed.




Once again T530 bringing the news to our room before anyone else.



JKS Home Run

So many new traders think that you need to swing for the fences on every trade. Nate started into this trade never planning for it to fade as far as it did. Patience turned this into his 3rd best trade of the year.



GLBS Game Plan

Predicting what a ticker will do next and then building your trade plan around it is a huge advantage because if it doesn't do what you thought it would you never get involved with the trade. This did exactly as Nate hoped and after the last squeeze it faded the rest of the day.




Nate was warning our members not to chase this as reality would set in at some point and he planned to get short. Worked out perfectly.



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