Week in Review: November 30-December 4, 2020

by | Dec 4, 2020

Perhaps this is the new normal. I would have thought with the election being over and the virus vaccination all but complete that things would slow down. It sped up! Sector after sector rallied this week and knowing sympathy names was key.

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The entire EV sector has provided so many opportunities over the last couple of weeks. Nate started in short with the original goal of fading it to $25 but after seeing how heavy it was trading he revised his goal to 18-19's. Waiting for the big pull back allowed him to have a much better risk/reward.



CAAP Momentum

Building some momentum prior to a conference call can give you some quick long side trades. You can see that once the call started at 10:30 that momentum died off.




Anytime you see a headline that starts off with "Amazon partnering with" you know the partner is probably going to run. No different this time with T530 bringing the news early so members had time to read through it and get long.



LIZI Momentum

Knowing that tickers have had huge volume days in the past and knowing what the key levels were on those days is like having a crystal ball. Once it cleared $4 it pretty much stayed above all day.



STPK Momentum

I just thought this hit all the right categories for the current market conditions. Battery-check. SPAC-check. Great call by Texmex.

Have a great weekend!





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