Week in Review: May 4-8, 2020

by | May 8, 2020

Another fun week in the books. Hopefully these market conditions continue of the the foreseeable future. Since we have a lot of new members and potential new members that read this blog, I included a few swing trades as most new traders will be starting out under the PDT rule.


MARK Swing

Nate started into this swing trade a week ago. There were several headlines that this company would be a part of the reopening process in Las Vegas.



Blockchain Swings

On Wednesday Cody alerted the room that he was starting into the Bitcoin related stocks. He ended up swinging several of them.





Stapes was first with the news on NCLH on Tuesday. This was the first of several news stories on it for the day.



GNUS Failed Follow Through

On Thursday Nate shared his plan to wait for ramps to get short on GNUS.



NXTC Swing

Nate started into the dips on NXTC and planned to swing it as long as it stayed above $35. $4 a share for a 24 hour hold is pretty sweet.

Have a great weekend! Reach out if you are thinking about getting started with the IU Community. [email protected]





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