Week in Review: May 18-22, 2020

by | May 22, 2020

The moderators and members had a really solid week. Another headline driven week so I am going to focus mostly on those type of plays because if that is your style of trading you more than likely had a stellar week. Enjoy the long weekend and reach out if you need anything. [email protected]



All of the virus names run on news as well as possible news. This one came in after hours and Stapes brought it immediately to the IU chat.



MRNA Failed Follow Through

Another virus name that has had a ton of headlines lately. Nate's plan was to wait until it started to fail and have lower highs to get short. Once it broke through the $76 level it was a stress free fade the rest of the day.



China News

The news on Wednesday wasn't about any specific company but more on all Chinese listed companies. Trader530 brought the news that the Senate was considering oversight of Chinese companies and possibly de listing companies that didn't follow the rules.



MJ Cures Everything

Late on Thursday came news of researchers saying cannabis could help prevent and treat Covid-19. Stapes brought it to the chat and most of the MJ names took off.



SNDL Sympathy

Based on the same info from Thursday night SNDL made a nice early run. Member Scott916 was first this time.







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