Week in Review: May 10-14, 2021

by | May 14, 2021

Another insane week in the books. There were so many great setups shared by moderators and members this week. Setting price alerts was key to being able to narrow down your watch list but still have all the other names on radar. A lot of the moves lasted several days so it is important to not let a headache trade today remain a headache trade tomorrow. If you were wrong, be wrong and move on.

No specific sale this week but you can always email me for any available promos [email protected] If you are new to the site you can see how it all works here https://investorsunderground.com/s/PXvWe


COIN Momentum

Cody shared his idea to get long COIN on Monday. Once it pulled back and held that gave him his risk area.



FCEL/PLUG Momentum

Nate shared his trade plan to get long on both of these provided dips held.




You can see Nate waited for it to break below it's recent low to start in short.



WISH All Day Fade

Not a lot to say on this one but just a beautiful fade.




If you have been through any of our courses you know the ABCD setup. I just wanted to put up a perfect example of it.

Have a great weekend.




  1. Thanks for the recap help re-enforce setup.

  2. Thanks for the recap w/explanations this helpful.


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