Week in Review: March 23-27, 2020

by | Mar 27, 2020

I wanted to start this off with being thankful for the markets and all the IU members that help each other navigate them daily. There is a lot of uncertainty right now but as traders we can do well for our families in good times and bad. If you are thinking about getting started in trading this is a great time to learn. Start with our free video series and then send me an email and we can put together a game plan for your situation.

This week was another wild one. Range is unreal and if you miss a trade just wait about two seconds and you will have another.


TNXP Scan and Trade

If you aren't signed up and getting Nate free scans on Sundays you are really missing out. He put TNXP on it and shorted the pre-market ramp and rode it down.



MRNA Live Broadcast plan

Nate goes over his game plan each morning during his pre-market broadcast. It gives everyone a chance to dial in their plans for the day and then just execute the trades when they are ready. Similar plan to the TNXP trade to short pre-market strength and cover shortly after the open.



BA Stimulus News

Great to have Stapes back with us. He was first on getting the news that BA was getting a ton of money into the chatroom. $29 in 1.5 hours with zero headaches.



MAR Relative Weakness

On big green days it pays to keep an eye out for names with relative weakness vs. the total market.



TOPS Former Runner

Friday we wrapped up with another TOPS run. Cody was all over it and giving running commentary on his several buys and sells.

Have great weekend! Reach out if you need anything. [email protected]








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