Week in Review: March 22-26, 2021

by | Mar 26, 2021

It seems like a tiny bit of sanity came back this week. All of the NFT names gave some great opportunity along with the normal setups that we trade everyday. It was great to get away from your screens a few times this week and go have lunch or go for a walk since we have been pedal to the metal for pretty much a year straight.

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TexMex posted the news on DADA getting a 800m investment. This trade worked out well as members were able to sell the first big rip and then reload on the dip.



HOTH Play by Play

I just wanted to show an example of how the trades are spelled out in the room. I talk to people all the time that just want alerts but how are you going to learn to trade just blindly following alerts?




Once Nate started to see the momentum and volume build it was a pretty good indicator this was going higher.



KOSS Scan hit

One feature some members might not know is that once Nate is done with the morning broadcast he live streams his scans. KOSS popped up on it and Nate was able to take the quick trade.




Nate shared with the room that he was buying some BIDU and TME in his IRA. Normally that is for a big picture, longer term trade but they can become day trades really quickly when they ramp up $30 in 3 hours!

Have a great weekend.



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