Week in Review: March 15-19, 2021

by | Mar 19, 2021

Another solid week in the books. A lot of things sort of picked a direction and continued that way all day. It made for pretty stress free trades but always tests your patience as you fight to not run out of shares.

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SOS News

Anything related to Cryptos are hot right now. If there is a PR hitting any of those key words it is usually a sign that it will get some attention.



NIO Failed Follow Through

You can see how Nate waited for the peak to be put in before starting short. This made his risk minimal so he was either right or right out.



LIZI Short

Same as above. Minimal risk and add if you are right.



OXY Team Work

The whole point of the community is to help each other. With so many things moving it is a huge benefit having members keeping an eye on different tickers and sharing them with the chat.




The last two weeks or so have been nuts on all of these NFT names. Cody did a webinar this week explaining more about them and how they work so seeing this PR made for a pretty simple trade.

Have a great weekend!



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