Week in Review: June 22-26, 2020

by | Jun 26, 2020

I wanted to use this week to show a little bit more of the learning and planning that experienced traders are doing to really take advantage of the current market conditions. Even if you didn't trade these names this week, there was a wealth of lessons learned by just pulling up the charts and following the play by play in chat. If you aren't a member yet, shoot me an email and we can fix that. [email protected]


BYFC Scan and Trade

This was a huge win in chat on Friday so of course it was on the radar for Monday. Being able to identify traps that are being set both on the long and short side has made for record days/weeks/months.



IDEX Scan and Trade

Very similar to the BYFC trade above. Being patient and wait to those key levels to break to start into the trade. These moves have so much range that it is important to not jump in early and get run over.



HTZ News

It really is a game changer to have the news right as it hits the wires especially when the RH folks are involved.



BYND Bad News

Usually never good news when your trial run at McDonalds isn't renewed.



INO Risk Reward

Knowing the key levels is the key to this whole game. Risking .50 cents for about $9. Great way to start the weekend.

Have a great weekend!




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