Week in Review: June 1-5 2020

by | Jun 5, 2020

I don't even know what to say anymore.... I feel like every week gets crazier than the last. It is more important to live by the motto of being right on the trade right away or right out. If you are fighting trends right now you are planning for disaster. Reach out to me if you are having troubles with your trading or if you are thinking about joining us in the IU community. [email protected]


NERV Scan and Trade

If you are not signed up to get the free Sunday scan then you are missing out of a huge resource. Nate shared his idea for a ramp up to get short on Monday.



VTIQ Failed Follow Through

I post this setup pretty much every week but I added a couple this week. This is one of Nate's go to setups that you can find key levels in the chart and react to them. Become a master of this one setup and you will have opportunities galore.




Having access to news like this never gets old. Not only does it give great trade potential it also can keep members safe that may be trading in the stock already.



TMDI Momentum

These are the type of trades that can help new traders build their accounts. Well defined risk and members were able to ride the momentum up. Great call by our moderator TexMex.



AAL Scan and Trade

Who wants to end the week quietly. Nate was anticipating a morning blow off to get short. Once it peaked out he was able to add on each failure and ride it down pretty much the whole day.

Have a great weekend!



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