Week in Review: January 3-7, 2022

by | Jan 7, 2022

Happy New Year. Hopefully you guys got a great start on your trading for the year. It is more important than ever to understand where you struggle with your trades and to fix those. Just one or two minor fixes can make a huge difference over the course of a year.

I put up our most popular blog sale item this week. All 3 streaming courses and an annual IU membership for $2197 and I also added in two bonus months. This gives you every tool we offer to aid you well into 2023. https://www.investorsunderground.com/checkout/?product=11&promo=blogpromo



JWEL Home run

Everyone is always looking for that home run trade. You never know when it is coming so you have to always be ready.




If you like to trade news plays, there is no better place than IU.



LGVN Failed Follow Through

This isn't the cleanest chart to see the pattern but you can see how that area held as the top besides a quick 5 minute spike.




Knowing the tickers that really run on news made this a pretty easy decision to get long on the news.




I have said several times that Nate has become so good at seeing these traps and when he mentions it, you really should pay attention.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Great plays this week! Thx Sean.


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