Week in Review: January 13-17, 2020

by | Jan 17, 2020

I am not sure how to describe the market conditions. Incredible or insane are the only two words that come to mind. There are opportunities across the board for day and swing traders. We have a lot of members that are only able to trade for an hour or so each day and even in that tiny window there is a full days worth of setups. I tried to grab a mixed bag of trades, day trades and swing trades.

KRTX Swing

We are most well known for our day trading chatroom but the swing room run by Michele (@OffShoreHunter) has been on fire lately. On Monday she built into her swing trade on KRTX. Pretty much straight up all week. Even if you had a small position $25/share adds up quickly.




Tuesday Nate (@InvestorsLive) was ready for the parabolic and sit back on BYND. He went over his plan on Monday nights scan and tightened up the plan in the pre-market broadcast. I get asked frequently if we trade options and I wanted to include Cody's (@OddStockTrader) comments about using puts vs. shorting the actual stock. A lot of members use the trade plans from the scans and chat to trade options.



LMPX Swing

Many of our day trades have become multiple day moves. With that in mind Nate started into LMPX on Wednesday with the plan to hold it at least overnight. He closed his position on Thursday morning once it started to get crowded by newsletters and that proved to be a great point to sell.




On Thursday @MarkFlowChatter was first to get the news to the IU chat about the positive news on TCON. Even if you are one of the people that has very limited time to trade, these are the trades that can make your week in just a few minutes.



TIGR and JMIA Scan and Trade

Nate laid out his plan for both tickers on Thursdays scan. They both played out perfectly about 15 minutes apart.

Enjoy the long weekend! Reach out if you have any questions. [email protected]








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