Week in Review: January 11-15, 2021

by | Jan 15, 2021

It looks like we will keep the market volatility from 2020 for a while and that is a GREAT thing. Probably the most important thing right now is to start into positions with a small starter size. If you are right, scale into a bigger position. If you are wrong, ditch the starter and walk away with a paper cut instead of fighting it the rest of the day. There are so many tickers that are giving huge trades so don't waste any time fighting a losing position.

A few spots left on our New Years sale. There are a couple of options so have a look now.  http://investorsunderground.com/s/GOvCP/


JAGX Exhaustion

Nate waited for pops to get short after the trend started to head south. You can see where it tested that $4.50 line twice but never held above it. Knowing those levels will help you stay in the trade vs. a panic cover.



FUBO Team Effort

Some news comes out in a little bit at a time. You can see members working together to get the full picture to get on the trade ASAP.



DPW News

This news hit all the right sector names that are hot right now.




Same setup every week. Learn this one!



YTEN Late Run

This idea couldn't have worked any better or any quicker. Great way to end the week and start into a long weekend!

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