Week in Review: February 22-26, 2019

by | Feb 26, 2021

This marks the end of February's trading and what a gift both Jan and Feb were. The WSB stocks were back in play this week and gave some great trade opportunities. No specific sale this week but I always have promos available so just shoot me an email if you are looking to join the IU community. [email protected]


AMC Momentum

Knowing these stocks had all the attention the last few weeks and seeing momentum start to build is usually a pretty good sign.




Stapes posted the news that WKHS didn't win the postal service contract for new mail trucks.



GME Short

Cody shorted GME after hours in what turns out to be pretty much the very top tick. Not bad for 7 minutes of work.




Our weekly edition of the Failed Follow Through Momentum setup. You can see it try to come and res-test and then immediately fail and fade the rest of the day.



XTNT Game Plan

This is how you learn to trade. Nate gave the key levels to pay attention to and the idea of what could happen if they hold.

Have a great weekend!



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