Week in Review: February 18-21, 2020

by | Feb 21, 2020

Another short week this week but plenty of opportunity. A lot of traders focused all of their attention on SPCE and let it exhaust them trying to find tops/bottoms. There were great trades to be made in it but I didn't include it this week just to show while everyone was paying attention to one thing there were other great setups.



On Tuesday, @Markflowchatter posted the news on TWTR. Ended up being a really nice trade over the following couple of days.



GNPX Reactive Short

@InvestorsLive was watching the pre-market action on GNPX looking to get short near the open. The news came out and the plan had to be put into work a bit earlier than planned.




PENN has been on the move ever since the Barstool partnership and a new price target sent it even more on Thursday.



TOCA Scan and Trade

Friday brought us a red to green trade with momentum on TOCA. Nate included it in his Thursday night scan and then traded the plan on Friday morning.

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