Week in Review: December 21-24, 2020

by | Dec 24, 2020

This wild year is almost done. It doesn't look like 2021 will be any slower for the markets. Take the long weekend to review your trades over the last few weeks and find what is working and what isn't. A few small tweaks can make a HUGE difference. If 2020 wasn't your best year, put in the work now to ensure 2021 will be.

I wanted to give new traders one last chance to get started the right way. Both of our trading courses, an annual IU membership, Trade on the fly swing trading course plus a bonus 2 months for $2197. This gives you every tool we offer to help you take advantage of these markets. https://www.investorsunderground.com/checkout/?product=11&promo=BLOGXMAS



Christmas came a few days early with PostHaste sharing the news of the money for charging infrastructure being a part of the Covid relief bill. Having members who are able to digest all of the news and turn it into actionable ideas is an essential part of the IU community.



VLDR Sympathy

Having a list of tickers that all move on sector headlines gives you a big advantage. Once the headline drops the most well known names start to run and the less well known take a few minutes to start, giving you a chance to build a position.




Another member helping the community. I get emails all the time asking why would we help new people learn to trade. This is exactly why.



ID Momentum

Whenever Nate and Cody are on the same page it is usually a slam dunk. Cody was on this early and once it gained some volume Nate joined in and momentum continued to build.

I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!



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