Week in Review: August 9-13, 2021

by | Aug 13, 2021

A ton of valuable ideas and lessons were shared this week in chat. Probably one of the best weeks to learn different strategies and traps to avoid.

No sale this week but reach out if you are looking to join us. [email protected]


BTBT Reactive Trade

Nate shared his plans on broadcast as well as typing them into chat just before the open. It gave the perfect opportunity to start in short at the opening bell.



MVST Failed Follow Through

This trade ended up working out well because it came close to testing the entry spot but failed again giving you a chance to add size on.



FULC Broadcast Plan

Here is a clip where Nate is going over what he would like to see at the open to start in short.




I wanted to show this chart just because you can see how Nate waited for the 2nd attempt to fail and as soon as it did he started in.



ELGC Swing

We are most well known for our day trading but the swing trades have been on fire lately as well. Nate started into this last Thursday and held until today (Friday).

Have a great weekend.



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