Week in Review: August 31-September 4, 2020

by | Sep 4, 2020

A ton of things to keep track of over this past week. AAPL and TSLA were everyone's main focus but there were a ton of other A+ setups as well. We have a sale going to get new members started on those NY resolutions early. Check them out here https://investorsunderground.com/s/hk8t3



AUVI Double

Just a simple momentum trade. Knowing the key levels that it needs to stay above to keep the momentum going and having a solid risk level made the trade about perfect.



Airlines News

If you were quick you were able to take advantage of this news trade on Tuesday.



VXRT Momentum

Very similar to the AUVI trade on Monday. Nate laid out his plans to the chat and shared a running commentary during the trade.



DKNG Failed Follow Through

Like we see almost everyday.



APPL Short

Nate was in and out of AAPL most of the day today. He started in short with feeler size with the plan to add size after the open. Plan your trade and trade your plan.

Enjoy the long weekend! Reach out if you have any questions. [email protected]





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