Week in Review: August 3-7, 2020

by | Aug 7, 2020

Another week in the books. This week seemed a tiny bit slower than the last few. Most of the action was right at the open and right around the close. A lot of different news plays as well. If you are wanting to get started, there are only a few spots left on our flash sale. https://investorsunderground.com/s/IeLFO



The great thing about these type of news plays is that it normally only takes a few minutes to complete the trade usually for a pretty big win. Trader530 on his game like always!



FUV Teamwork

Sharing ideas and helping each other is what it is all about. A member saw FUV start to ramp up and Nate was able to track down why it was ramping and share it.



Airlines Possible Gov Help

Wednesday brought the news that 16 R Senators were looking to back the airlines payroll. Pretty easy news to interpret and go long. All of the big 3 popped on the news.



KZIA Approval

Just another straight forward news play although this was pretty late in the day on Thursday.



GENE Teamwork

News came out about a new treatment for Genentech. Most of the public bought the wrong ticker but within a few minutes the error was posted in chat that worked out to an awesome short.

Have a great weekend!


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