Week in Review: August 2-6, 2021

by | Aug 6, 2021

Very solid week. I am going to try and add some new stuff to the blog like posting the morning call from today (Friday). If you see anything that you like in particular, drop a comment so I can try and include that type of content more often.

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DLPN Indicator

As I have posted a few times, when Nate says shorts are in trouble it usually equals a great long trade.

HJLI Failed Follow Through

Same setup every week.



Staying Safe in the HOOD

Nate constantly reminds newer traders not to step in front of names. Wait for the backside so you don't get run over. This is a perfect example.




T530 brought us the news early and this was nice as it gave several dips before making the "meat" of the move.



Friday Morning Call

Nate was planning to take most of the day off but still hosted the morning call. Compare his thoughts in pre-market to the charts and see if having this kind of support every morning could aid your trading.


Have a great weekend.


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