Week in Review: August 17-21, 2020

by | Aug 21, 2020

This week was a little bit slower than the last few. Still plenty of opportunity to trade and learn.  Cody's boot camp has been great all week. If you join now you can still take part in next weeks boot camp plus catch up with the recordings from this week.


MBOT Failed Follow Through

Same setup as always. .20-.30 cents in risk vs $2+ in reward. These setups are most common right around the open so keep an eye out and you can get some great trades for the day.



TEVA Team Work

On Tuesday Stapes posted the news of the feds going after Teva. If you don't have a plan then you don't have a trade so Nate shared his plans to start in short using red/green as his risk area.



AESE Momentum

Cody shared his AESE trades on Wednesday. Even if you didn't take the trade, his play by play commentary was a great opportunity to learn.



XERS Tweet

Much like the Teva trade this is news on another federal action. One of the great features of the IU chat is that you can select to see tweets in the chat feed from people that can move the markets or individual names. Here are how they pop up in the chat feed.

In this case, one of our members knew it was pretty big news and shared it for those that don't have the twitter feature turned on.




This was a swing trade short for Elkwood but I just wanted to highlight the different styles you can learn in the IU chat.

Have a great weekend and reach out if you need anything. [email protected]



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