Week in Review: April 13-17, 2020

by | Apr 17, 2020

Another wild week in the books. Tons of volume and range. We have some really sweet deals going that get you the IU courses, the swing trading course and an introduction to options course. If you are on the fence about getting started with us, now is a great time. Reach out to me and I will go over pricing with you. [email protected]


WORX Safely

Everyone joins IU to become a better trader. One of the unspoken things of being a better trader is to stay out of what could be a disastrous trade.




Amp was the first one to bring us the news on PLAY. I have posted several of these charts but it just a great reminder of the opportunity if you get the news first.



TSLA Team Work

When ideas from several trader align then it is probably time to pay attention.



ATOS Game Plan

Nate went over his game plan to short any ramps on ATOS Thursday morning. Even if you didn't trade this it was a great thing to watch the chart and running commentary to learn.




Nate has been stocking this trade the last few days. Friday morning that paid off.

Have a great weekend!




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