[Morning Recap] Top Stock Trades for March 29th

[Morning Recap] Top Stock Trades for March 29th


NUGT Had some nice shorts near highs this AM unfortunately were just feeler entries and then it sank $2 a share so it was a nice way to start but obviously would have been nicer with some size. Currently looking for the crack and looking to scale back in there.

NUGT Stock Chart


VRX I had a bit too much patience on this one, had a big trade going as I tweeted for the long idea $28.30 range -- had a nice $1.50 + Push where I sold 1/2 but since let it grind me back down turning a $6k trade into a $3k trade -- happens every day when you exhibit patience get used to it, it's part of trading. At any rate, monitoring if $28.50s start to base for another trade this afternoon back towards green.

VRX Stock Chart


FCX got short out of the gate on this one covered the wash then re shorted into pops using pre market as a guide to risk. Currently looking to re short pops for potential $9.50 unwnder. Obviously watch with XLE XOP USO etc for guidance.

FCX Stock Chart


MDVN big chart break down looking for failed follow through momentum and for it to start to get heavy again under VWAP for a trade. Patience here, don't just short add add add add because you'll end up in a bad spot. Looking for a drop and then add dips if the curl ends.

MDVN Stock Chart


RJETQ killer trade today had it over night and the goal was if not a gapper a weak open to scoop up for red to green and that's exactly what I did bought the dip under $1.70s and added a few times to a winner I've sold 1/2 over $2.20s + so far - very thin off dips very hard to add on any good pulls especially when it has a first sign of a reversal. Doesn't mean it can't dip I am hopeful it does so I can re add some more. Opinion is based with $1.68-1.70 entries not up here.

RJETQ Stock Chart


  1. Nate , for NUGT today : what will make you change your biase (from Short to Buy) for such today case ? how would u adapt ? what is your trigger to change biase ?

    • I won't trade it long, you can do that if you wish. I just trade the big big days and big moves and wait for the back side. I don't remain short. It's a day trading vehicle - just be aware 1) FOMC days 2) When Yellen speaks 3) any numbers pre market that move Gold


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