[Morning Recap] Top Stock Trades for March 17th

[Morning Recap] Top Stock Trades for March 17th

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ENDP just incredible been talking a lot about this name with VRX and what not - sure maybe same stuff maybe not but it's likely that it's just not worth the risk for many funds to be part of it - many funds can't withstand a 50-70% hit like Ackman had - so why not free up cash and move on to other names that may not give as great of potential returns but at least won't slam 50% over night when they guide down for the year. This can fade FAR MORE THAN YOU THINK do NOT try to catch the falling knife.

09:20:07 am InvestorsLive: ENDP weak so far will watch failed follow through - fact that it's staying heavy means potential unwind

09:30:28 am InvestorsLive: ENDP looking to short pops

09:32:21 am InvestorsLive: ss some ENDP

09:33:50 am InvestorsLive: added small ENDP

09:58:42 am InvestorsLive: re adding ENDP on pops

10:00:06 am InvestorsLive: ENDP going to let VWAP confirm for me

10:01:06 am InvestorsLive: start 1/4 ENDP

10:06:22 am InvestorsLive: added ENDP

10:23:01 am InvestorsLive: ENDP maybe 28-29

10:55:52 am free.flow: covered 1/3 ENDP into .10.. i accum'd some size.. just trying to defend

11:00:28 am free.flow: VWAP guiding on ENDP

11:06:39 am d4ytrad3: ENDP watching for move towards 30

11:07:08 am InvestorsLive: ENDP likely 30 unwind and wash - yes
VRX Got short out of the gate left a boat load on the table what else is new. We may have some bounces along the way likely needs to consolidate for 2-3 days now and range tighten up - then it'll pick a trend either more downside to $23-25 or upside to $35-$37 whatever the case this stock is 100% broken.

08:57:19 am InvestorsLive: VRX may need a consolidation day but if it remains heavy I think we can get another $3-4 downside

09:31:26 am InvestorsLive: ss some VRX

09:32:19 am InvestorsLive: VRX qucik buck be smart along way

09:35:52 am InvestorsLive: VRX very nice


MNK another one that all pops have been being sold into. Likely that $49 washes at some point - probably some 'smart' money using the liquidity to get out for the same reasons as ENDP.


PBR Great swing at first I didn't have a good average but liked the chart, added a bit today and nice steady grind. Not a big position just looking to let it work until it does. Along with HTZ KMI MRO in the swing account I took off SUNE today since it looks sorta zzzz-ish.


FCX SM WLL OAS and many more all starting to make the CSIQ SPWR comparison I made early on make more sense now? Looking for major over extensions in coming weeks so we have a nice play here.

Stay safe out there !


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