[Morning Recap] Top Stock Trades for March 15th

[Morning Recap] Top Stock Trades for March 15th


CPXX massive volume today, had a nice unwind sub $7s earlier which ended up being a nice profitable trade just joining the trend but quickly snapped back and trend confirmed and held. Few test of VWAP and then held trend over VWAP and has since been grinding. I see no trade on this name right now until VWAP starts to peak out or 2-3pm + reactive move into any parabolic. Be careful fighting any trend here.


ZYNE perfect trade today, just not enough patience got short at open at $20 and added at $19.50 based on weakness on GWPH. Made it to low $18s and low $17s and that was it. Very nice. I think the bulk of the  move is done and I believe they have an active shelf out so at any point this could gap down. However, if GWPH gets moving again $90 + in coming days watch this for rally as well.


VRX I mean holy smokes right? Yet another perfect example of how ONE trade can end your trading career. Personally I never try to "guess" bounces nor do I usually enter unless HIGHER lows and set risk. I learned many many times over that it's just not worth it in prior years after many losses that just sort of sneak up on you. This morning I moved away from that and tried three rebounds on this and lost each time. They key is I lost, I had a plan risked based off LODs and respected it - if you don't and you're trading names like this it's a great way to end up in hot water. I actually nailed it the first time actually but over stayed turned +1-1.50 into -1-1.5, each time got heavier and heavier and the reality is it needed a panic wash otherwise it was just going to have a steady fade. This is still trading super heavy but will be watching through the day if any trend forms. Right now, nothing has and every pop is being sold into.


SKLN been a complete tanker based off debt conversions and selling at any rate, volume has slowed so my guess is they know they needed to let it bounce and get lots of traders in there and active again to sell it down in coming days. Might have a nice rally into the close if trend continues to hold.


CBDS had a nice short to start but over stayed a bit just pull up the daily chart this is a promoters chart - they know what's up and they use every opportunity they can to trap shorts. So far they've done a good job today will be watching over extensions in coming days.

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